Cannabis Dispensary

What is a Cannabis dispensary?

cannabis dispensary – also known as a cannabis store – sells marijuana for medical and recreational use to patients or customers within legal limits. Dispensaries are regulated by the state in which they are located. Beyond marijuana, these dispensaries also sell cannabis preparations and accoutrements needed to use cannabis.

How do the best Cannabis dispensaries work?

Aside from making cannabis products available for purchase, cannabis dispensaries are charged with giving consumers a memorable experience each time they visit the store. There are two major types of dispensaries and they function in different capacities. These dispensaries are categorised based on the two functions mentioned earlier:

  • Recreational dispensaries; and
  • Medical dispensaries.

Recreational Dispensaries

Recreational dispensaries cater to adult cannabis users who consume the substance for recreational purposes. Before an individual can enter a recreational dispensary, they must prove they are up to the legal cannabis age within the jurisdiction it is located in. In many regions, this is 21 years and older.

Upon provision of an Identification Card (ID card), consumers are typically ushered into a waiting area where the products are displayed. Once in the waiting area, a budtender comes forward to aid the consumer with their purchase.

Budtenders are experts on marijuana and its preparations and can aid consumers in finding exactly what they are looking for out of cannabis and it’s by products.

Once satisfied with selected products, the consumer can complete the purchase by paying in the dispensaries desired method. Many dispensaries prefer cash to credit cards. By doing a little research on the dispensary, you’ll be able to go prepared with whatever is necessary to purchase products.

Once products have been paid for, individuals are free to go enjoy their cannabis.

Different cannabis dispensaries may have different requirements, mostly due to the laws where they are located. Other requirements may be tailored to the dispensaries policies and/or preferences. src

Medical dispensaries

Medical dispensaries operate in a vaguely similar fashion to recreational dispensaries. However, there are many key differences.

In order to access a medical dispensary, one must provide a designated medical marijuana license. This license establishes that the patient is indeed a medical marijuana patient and not an imposter.

Upon verification, individuals are ushered into a waiting area where they will meet with an authorised physician. Unlike recreational dispensaries which resemble candy stores, medical dispensaries are fashioned like hospitals.

When meeting with the authorised personnel, the medical marijuana patient will provide their prescription, which will then be filled in. Many medical dispensaries have registered patients so, in most cases, patients don’t need to present their regular prescriptions. The dispensary will simply dip into its database and fill the prescription without hassle.

Once filled, individuals pay and proceed to checkout. Again, this is all tailored to the region in question. In Australia, for example, the process is a lot less straightforward.

What you’ll get at a Cannabis dispensary that you won’t get online?

Online cannabis dispensaries operate via the internet. As with physical cannabis dispensaries, online dispensaries can either cater to recreational consumers, medical patients, or both. While online dispensaries boast of a myriad of advantages such as convenience and discretion, they still lack appeal for many cannabis consumers.

One of the major advantages physical stores hold over online dispensaries is quality checks. When shopping at a physical store, cannabis consumers can see, smell and feel the cannabis they desire to purchase. If the products do not meet their standards, they have the option of checking others or simply not purchasing.

Aside from quality checks, consumers are afforded the ability to interact with professional personnel and other shopping customers. These interactions can open consumers up to a wealth of knowledge where cannabis and its preparations are concerned.

The unique feeling you get from Cannabis dispensary

At cannabis dispensaries, cannabis consumers – be it recreational or medical – feel at home. Cannabis dispensaries are judgement-free areas where individuals who love to consume cannabis can interact with one another while procuring the product in a safe, legal setting. Cannabis dispensaries often feel like gatherings of like-minded individuals who share the same sentiments for social change, liberties and freedoms.

What online dispensaries can learn from ‘real life’ Cannabis dispensaries?

Online dispensaries hold various advantages over ‘real life’ dispensaries. However, they could learn a thing or two from these dispensaries.

Many online cannabis platforms – especially those which cater to recreational consumers – do not require any form of identification to purchase the products. This lack of proper security measures could expose younger and impressionable individuals to cannabis. Shopping online could also result in scams where your products are never delivered. Implementing such checks would not only ensure safer cannabis transactions and consumption, but would also boost positive views of the cannabis industry in general.

Purchasing cannabis online can open the consumer up to several scams, including making a purchase that will never get delivered. src

Final words

Cannabis dispensaries sell marijuana for medical and recreational use to patients or customers within a legal setting. Depending on the type of dispensary, individuals will be required to provide documents such as ID Cards and licenses in order to access cannabis products. Physical cannabis dispensaries hold an advantage or two over their online counterparts, such as quality checks and actual, live professionals. Online dispensaries hold several advantages such as discretion and convenience, but implementing the positives of brick-and-mortar dispensaries would make for an even better online dispensary experience.

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