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The Cannabis plant: A complex plant

The cannabis plant is no simple plant. It’s the mother plant to both marijuana and hemp and is dioecious, with separate male and female versions. Cannabis seeds are produced when a female cannabis plant is fertilized by its male counterpart. This is an essential part of the cannabis plant’s reproductive process. They are created in the pistil of the plant.

The pistils begin to grow out of the calyx following pollination. At first, they are white and straight but as maturation occurs, they begin to bend; first turning yellow, orange and finally brown.

Cannabis seeds are predominantly found in the male specie of the plant. However, these seeds can also be produced by introducing environmental stressors to female cannabis plants, causing the hermaphrodite condition. These environmental stressors include spraying the plant with a solution of colloidal silver or gibberellic acid. These seeds are referred to as ‘feminized cannabis seeds’.

Male and female cannabis plants. src

Growing a Cannabis plant

Growing a cannabis plant is a process which requires time and dedication. The cannabis plant is delicate and requires certain conditions in order to grow properly.

Growing a cannabis plant from scratch requires seeds. Potential growers are advised to check if the seeds are mature. Mature cannabis seeds are dark brown with light accents. They are also hard to feel.

Growers are also advised to abstain from growing plants using feminized cannabis seeds. They often yield plants with many seeds and for individuals interested in growing marijuana for business purposes, this can reduce product yield.

There are numerous methods in which a cannabis plant can be grown. Whatever method is utilized, a cannabis plant requires heat, water, and air in order to germinate properly.

Where can Cannabis seeds are grown?

Cannabis plants – and seeds – can be grown indoors and outdoors. Depending on the needs of the grower, seeds can easily be cultivated in plant pots indoors or in sunny fields outdoors. Each environment has its own peculiarities when cultivation is concerned.

Cannabis plants cultivated indoors may offer growers advantages such as complete control over the growing environment and discretion. However, cannabis cultivated indoors requires more care and attention. This is because moisture and nutrients are not naturally replenished. The start-up cost for growing plants indoors may also deter many prospective growers from beginning the process.

Growing cannabis outdoors is a cheap process. In many cases, plants cultivated outside are bigger, and bigger plants equal bigger yields to the grower. However, cannabis plants grown outdoors are subject to the elements. They can be damaged by unfavourable weather conditions and are a less practical option for individuals who live in city areas.

Cannabis seeds are either female or male. The male seeds provide better yieldssrc

Buying Cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds can be procured in several ways. They are legal in Australiaonly for medical purposes. Predominantly, cannabis seeds can be acquired from seed banks or marijuana dispensaries.

Cannabis seed banks are storage facilities which stock and sell the seeds of a wide variety of cannabis strains. Around the world, there are numerous seed banks in countries such as the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. Seed banks can be accessed physically or via online platforms.

A marijuana dispensary is a store which stocks cannabis and cannabis related products – such as seeds – for purchase by medical or recreational consumers. Dispensaries are only accessible in states where cannabis is legal for medical or recreational purposes. As with seed banks, marijuana dispensaries can be accessed physically or via online platforms.

Should you buy Cannabis seeds?

When opting to buying cannabis seeds, there are a number of factors which should be considered:

  • Purpose
    When opting to buy marijuana seeds, the purpose for the purchase must be established. Are you buying the seeds in order to grow plants or for edible consumption. Establishing the purpose of the seeds can aid in streamlining the type of seeds to acquire.
  • Legality in location
    Before opting to purchase cannabis seeds, make sure they are legal in your area of residence. In many jurisdictions, the possession of illegal substances is punishable by fines and in some cases, jail time.
  • Authenticity of seed vendor
    All cannabis seeds look the same. It is important that purchases be made from authentic vendors so as to ensure individuals are not being scammed. This is particular to online purchases
  • Beware sham websites
    When shopping cannabis seeds, beware of sham websites. Many websites claim they ship to locations where cannabis is currently illegal. However, this is usually untrue. In many cases, these websites are fraudulent and will only dupe you of your hard earned money.


Cannabis seeds are produced from the calyx of the female cannabis plant, following pollination. They can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors, depending on the preferences of the individual. Cannabis seeds can be acquired at seed banks or dispensaries, both physically and online. Before opting to buy cannabis seeds, make sure factors such as the authenticity of the product and legality of the substance are considered.

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