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Increased popularity of cannabis means more support

Australia legalised cannabis use for medical purposes in 2016. For recreational use, however, cannabis is still illegal in the country.

Support for cannabis use, in general, has increased over the years. For example, in 2013, 44 percent of Australians wanted cannabis use to remain illegal, while 33 percent wanted to legalise the drug. In 2016, however, the results were flipped — 43 percent wanted the drug legalised while 32 percent wanted its use to remain illegal.

Roy Morgan Poll on cannabis

Regardless of the legal status of the drug, Australia is no stranger to cannabis use. No other drug is as popular as cannabis in the country; it is the most widely used. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), 35 percent of Australians over the age of 14 have tried cannabis at least once in their lifetime. The AIHW also conclude that cannabis is “very easy” to obtain in Australia.

Given the popularity of the drug in Australia, knowledge of its measurements and prices might be of interest. Most of your cannabis questions might concern those two factors, and if you dabble a bit, perhaps you’d prefer not to get cheated.

Here’s some information on measurements such as an ounce of weed, as well as prices in Australia.

How much is an ounce in grammes?

In the cannabis world in general, grammes are the as little as you can get. The exact measurement of grammes in an ounce is 28.35. However, in the cannabis world, an ounce of weed usually contains 28 grammes to simplify things.

Cannabis measurements. src

How much Cannabis does the average person smoke each week?

The average amount of weed smoked per week by an average person varies. Given the fact that cannabis just recently became legal in some states in the United States, and became legal in Canada just last year, the limited number of regions where the drug is legal means enough reliable surveys haven’t been taken to answer this question.

For example, one survey taken by Wikileaf claims that 51.9 percent of cannabis smokers use less than a grammeper day– thus, less than 7 grammes per weed if they smoke everyday. This survey, however, is probably not all that reliable, given the fact that it was the result of information gathered from forums.

Another study conducted by the Washington state government in the United States, claimed that the average cannabis user goes through about 123 “joints” per year. With 52 weeks in a year, this would mean the average user smokes about half a joint per week.

There are a couple of problems here, however, because the study was conducted in 2013, long before the state legalised cannabis use. Also, the exact amount of cannabis in a joint isn’t exactly the same in every joint. One study claims a joint contains 0.66 grammes, while the federal government of the United States claims 0.43 grammes is more accurate. Another study, published in the Journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence concludes that 0.33 grammes is the correct answer.

Further, it just makes no sense to conclude that the average user smokes half a joint per week. In fact, some joints sold by dispensaries contain a gramme of weed and are meant to be smoked in one sitting.

Joints src

As stated, this question is difficult to answer, and depends on who you ask. Perhaps a more believable answer would be a joint per day, with a joint containing about half a gramme.

What does an ounce of Cannabis usually cost in Australia?

The average cost per ounce of weed in Australia varies with quality. An ounce of high quality weed in Australia averages about $325, while an ounce of medium quality weed averages about $280.

The prices vary further by location, time of year, and supply and demand.

What is the most common order size for Cannabis?

The smallest amount you’re likely to be able to purchase is one gramme. You’ll be able to get a couple of marijuana cigarettes with that amount, and this will do just fine for a light smoker. However, the more common amounts are an eighth (1/4 of an ounce) and for those who like to store their cannabis and avoid frequent trips to purchase the drug, an ounce is quite popular.

As stated, cannabis is still illegal for recreational use in Australia. However, the possession of small amounts of the drug has been decriminalised in some areas (Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, and North Australia), while in others the penalties have been reduced to fines.

In some areas, police officers have the option to either caution the offender or charge them. Most areas only allow two cautions per offender. In Victoria and Tasmania, for example, getting caught with up to 50 grammes can land you only a caution. 

In New South Wales, however, such a caution only applies to 15 grammes or less, and an ounce would likely get you charged.

Australian marijuana map
Cannabis laws in Australia. src

Given the varying laws regarding punishment for possession of 1 ounce of weed, or any other amount, in Australia, it’s important for you to research the laws in your area before embarking on any cannabis-related journey.

Final Words

Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in Australia. Perhaps this is true in most countries around the world, and is likely the reason for the current legalisation trend. The popularity of the drug has also led to some leniency in the penalties associated with its use. However, penalties still exist as the drug is illegal, thus it would be wise for you to do your research first before making any cannabis-related decisions. Your research should also include the common prices and measurements of cannabis, and hopefully this helped in that regard.

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