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With different cannabis products comes different, innovative cannabis accessories

Cannabis use isn’t all that complicated. With a little skill and getting used to, all it boils down to is being able to inhale the smoke without too much of an incident. In fact, today’s world has presented us with several other options, besides smoking — edibles, drinks, candies, vape pens, and even oils and creams that can be rubbed on the skin.

The fact is that there’s no shortage of ways to use cannabis, each designed to appeal to the individual user. With this comes no shortage of cannabis accessories to facilitate cannabis use via whichever way you choose to consume it.

Traditional use involve smoking, of course. Smoking, in turn, involved breaking up the cannabis, placing it in some kind of rolling paper, rolling it up, and burning the tip with a lighter while you inhale. Thus, all this required was the weed, rolling paper, your lighter, and perhaps any flat surface.

Innovation brought different types of additional accessories into the smoking picture, including bowls and different kinds of rolling papers that may even come in different flavors. One must have accessory though, is the weed grinder. It makes things much easier, and it’s not just for the smokers.

Here’s all you need to know about the weed grinder.

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What is a weed grinder and what’s it for?

A weed grinder is really an herb grinder. It makes things a lot easier by crushing herbs so that you don’t have to do it by hand. It’s generally cylindrical in shape — although several innovative designs exist — and is separated into two pieces.

Once separated — or opened — you notice a jagged interior (or teeth), which are the blades that are meant to grind the weed. The user loads some cannabis inside the weed grinder, around and not in the center, closes it, and spins the lid back and forth until the cannabis is shredded. The result is some well-shredded cannabis, ready for a smoother-hitting smoking experience.

A handy compartment of the weed grinder is the kief catcher. This is usually tucked away at the bottom of the grinder, below the bladed chamber. The kief catcher catches all the kief, which is the most potent part of the cannabis plant, loaded with all the psychoactive and medicinal effects that a user searches for. These shavings are caught by the kief catcher in a weed grinder, and can be used as additives to the ground cannabis, in a rolling paper, bong, vaporizer, oils, and even edibles to increase the concentration.

Kief catcher src

Who needs a weed grinder?

Every cannabis smoker should get a weed grinder. However, it isn’t needed, as cannabis can be broken up by hand and smokers did just fine before the invention of the weed grinder.

For convenience sake, the weed grinder is a must have. It is also very handy for those who understand the benefits of kief, and how it’s arguably the most important part of the cannabis plant. Kief is usually mixed into the usual marijuana cigarette when broken up by hand, but with a weed grinder it’s able to be extracted.

Extracted kief is akin to possessing a concentrate — a finely ground concentrate — that can be used for more than smoking. It gives the user a chance to have a concentrate that can be added to anything, including edibles.

Where can you get them and what do they cost?

Because weed grinders are actually herb grinders, they aren’t necessarily illegal — as long as they aren’t loaded with cannabis or have some cannabis residue or odor that can create suspicion.

Because this accessory isn’t necessarily illegal, it isn’t necessarily cannabis paraphernalia. This means weed grinders can be purchased in herb shops and other stores, as well as on the Internet.

Weed grinder prices vary depending on quality and where they are purchased. In the United States, for example, a low quality weed grinder at a gas station can cost as little as $2 to $5, while a basic metal weed grinder at other stores can cost as much as $25. High end weed grinders can cost as much as $60, while titanium grinders can cost even more.

How much is the best weed grinder in the world?

Deciding on what the best weed grinder in the word is, is subjective. Several ranking websites out there have presented several lists with varying ranks on varying weed grinders. Deciding which grinder is truly the best would require hands-on use, and depends on exactly what attributes the individual user finds important.

However, the Santa Cruz Shredder Medium Piece has been cited as one of the best in the world, and only costs about $50. The reasons behind the hype have to do with its ability to finely grind cannabis, and its larger than usual kief catcher or tray. Its simple three piece design is also a buzz factor, along with its reasonable price.

Santa Cruz Shredder Medium Piece src

Final words — What are the must have weed accessories, beyond a grinder?

Using cannabis isn’t that complicated, and new age innovations have made it even easier. With accessories like the weed grinder, preparing some for your bong or a marijuana cigarette can be done without having to break it down with your hands. The weed grinder also creates a finer shred that smokes better, and generally comes with a Kief catcher for additives in other weed products like edibles.

The weed grinder isn’t the only new age must have though. Other must have weed accessories include:

  • Containers: 
    These help preserve your marijuana. Keep it in a dark, sealed container at room temperature.
  • Stash: 
    Perhaps you want your cannabis hidden from plain sight, whereby a stash comes in handy.
  • Vape pen and cartridge: 
    A pen-shaped vaporizer similar to an e-cigarette. It can be used with cannabis oil or weed flowers.
  • Scoops: 
    Used to measure out concentrates like oils in dabs, or scoop out the right amount of hash or shatter, or even kief.
  • Bowls: 
    Bowls are usually ceramic or glass pipes used for smoking cannabis.
  • Pipe screens: 
    If you prefer bowls or bongs or other pipe methods, pipe screens keep the cannabis where it belongs — in the bowl or bong or pipe, and not your mouth.
  • Lighter or match: 
    Of course this is needed. How else will you make fire?

Your must-have accessories depend on your need; this list should serve as a good starting point.

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