Walking the Fine Lines of Regulations when Buying CBD Hemp Oil in Australia

CBD Hemp Oil Constituents

CBD hemp oil refers to CBD derived from the hemp plant and dissolved in hemp oil for preservation. CBD hemp oil contains only CBD, devoid of any other cannabinoid found in cannabis.

Many argue, referring to some study results that hint at what’s known as the ‘entourage effect’, that the isolation of CBD inhibits its therapeutic potential. CBD has been shown in many studies to generate better results when taken together with some or even all the constituents of the whole plant, including THC.

However, given the scads of studies which link the psychoactivity of the whole plant to the impairment of the senses, Australian laws prohibit the presence of THC – the drug’s main psychoactive compound – in CBD products.

CBD isolates, on their own, still deliver immense therapeutic benefits. Wads of studies have shown that CBD holds healing potentials for people suffering from a vast range of illnesses, from cardio vascular diseases to skin problems, psychological problems, and lots more.

What’s the Difference Between CBD Hemp Oil and Hemp Oil?

CBD hemp oil is derived from the flowers, leaves, and stalk of the hemp plant, while hemp oil is derived from cold-pressed hemp seeds. src

CBD oil and hemp oil are both products of cannabis, but they differ wildly in composition. CBD hemp oil is produced using CBD extracts obtained from the hemp plant. Unlike marijuana, the hemp plant embodies only trace amounts of cannabis compounds like THC, but CBD is abundantly available in the leaves, flowers, and stalks.

Hemp seeds are completely devoid of all cannabinoids, and the oils extracted from them are known as hemp oil or hemp seed oil. Hemp seeds are composed of about 30% oil, which can be cold-pressed out of de-shelled seeds. While CBD hemp oil is known for its immense therapeutic potentials, hemp seed oil is renowned for its deep earthy aroma.

Hemp oil is mostly used for cooking. With its deep nutty tones, it’s a great substitute for olive oil. It also comes with an incredible nutrient profile featuring wads of proteins, polyunsaturated acids, and vitamin E. It’s also one of the few oils that contain both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (two highly essential nutrients) in their right ratio.

Hemp oil is also a great moisturizer. It’s used as an ingredient in lotions, soaps, and shampoos, wherein its vitamin e contents are also harnessed to enhance skin beauty.

What’s more, hemp seed oil has also shown potentials for the treatment of certain ailments, including atopic dermatitis and age-related skin problems.

On the other hand, CBD oil derives its purpose and medicinal characteristics solely from its chief ingredient, CBD. CBD holds immense therapeutic potentials thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive, and neuroprotective properties. Wads of research show that CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system to promote internal balance. CBD holds immense potentials for people suffering from chronic pains like arthritis and multiple arthritis, anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, cardiovascular conditions like high blood pressure, and neurodegenerative problems like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.

Given the stringent CBD regulations in place across Australia, you need to read between the lines of a CBD oil product label before buying it. The law is very clear on the legal requirements for CBD hemp oil products. At the heart of the regulation is the issue of the purity of CBD hemp oil.

For a product to be considered legal, its THC contents must not exceed 0.005%. For instance, a product containing 1000 milligrams of CBD should not have THC content that exceeds 5 milligrams.

Different states and territories have adopted different THC limits. Any CBD hemp oil product (or any hemp product at all) that exceeds these limits is on the wrong end of legality, and buying it can get you in trouble with the law. However, patients, especially those with terminal illnesses, are allowed to flout this limit, provided they have a prescription for it from a certified doctor.

Where can you buy CBD Hemp oil legally in Australia?

After confirming the legal threshold of THC adopted in your jurisdiction for CBD hemp products, you can walk into any licensed dispensary to buy CBD products legally. You can also buy from online CBD stores, including local and international sites. You can have your CBD product shipped to your doorstep from an international CBD store, provided the product complies with the THC limits on hemp products applied in your area.

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