Cannabis And Pets Care: Here’s What You Need To Know

The growing popularity of cannabis and its various components are making their way into a majority of households to serve diverse purposes. The usage of cannabis has come a long way now, from being solely used for recreational purposes to improving several health hazards with its promising qualities. Although the herb is still struggling its way to seek complete legalization, it still offers its benefits to a large number of states with lenient cannabis policies. Among the wavering image and usefulness of cannabis, it is now making its way into a completely different niche of pet care, which is also a very widely talked about concern.

Surprisingly, as much as cannabis has a role in offering benefits to human health, it is capable of promoting similar benefits in pets also.  Being packed with health-improving qualities, cannabis now, is a potential treatment to treat various pet concerns that conventional techniques may fail to offer. The web is full of queries from pet parents to learn more about the relationship between cannabis and pets. If you are a pet parent yourself, it is very natural to wonder about the component and its benefit for your pet. Here is what you might have been looking for to understand cannabis and pets!

Cannabis and its components

Cannabis is a well-renowned plant that is home to innumerable cannabinoids, capable of furnishing beneficial properties with its smart usage. It has been used for centuries now for recreational and medicinal properties. Currently, the legalization may not be as lenient for recreational usage, but the application of cannabis products in the medical sector is thriving. Cannabis comprises various cannabinoids such as Cannabinol (CBN), Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and Cannabidiol (CBD), among which CBD is the most prominently used component.

CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive ingredient of the cannabis plant, which furnishes a plethora of advantageous qualities for humans as well as animal health. Although cannabis contains a large number of cannabinoids, this one is known to offer a variety of health-improving qualities with little to no hazards, such as getting a mind high. This very fact serves as a reason for knowing its potential benefits on the health of our pets. Cannabis consumption in its true form may not be safe for the pets, but the component CBD is making exceptions and working remarkably well to benefit pet care as well.

The potency of CBD on human health is now intriguing pet parents to use it for their pets too, but before that, here are a few questions that can offer greater insight into CBD usage for pets.

How cannabis affects my pet?

The usage of cannabis component CBD affects the anatomy of the pets in the same way as it does in humans. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system of furry pets to regulate the healthy physiological and psychological changes. Cannabinoids interact with the receptors present throughout the body to maintain homeostasis, and this internal balance can greatly promote improved immune and nervous systems.

What benefits can my pet get out of it?

As mentioned, CBD is the home to various health improving properties and helps in eradicating several concerns. While there are no official studies that pronounce its effect on pet illnesses, yet many pets with severe infirmities have shown promising results in response to the CBD treatment. Here are a few benefits of CBD on pet concerns.

  • Pain: 
    Your pet is prone to get injuries, infections due to various reasons, and we all know how difficult it can get. CBD works on the same concern to provide promising benefits in easing the pain. It contains pain-relieving properties that gradually lower the intensity of pain to offer comfort to your injured puppy.
  • Anxiety: 
    Anxiety in dogs is one of the most common concerns that a lot of people fail to discover. Your dog might experience noise sensitiveness, travel sickness, stress, or be scared of fireworks, and things can get hard to soothe them. CBD offers anti-anxiolytic properties to calm the furry pets while also soothing other discomforts such as pain.
  • Arthritis: 
    Pets, too, get age-related infirmities, and it can gradually affect their ability to move as well. Arthritis can restrict the movement of your pets by the inflammation in joints. CBD, rich in anti-inflammatory properties, has a positive effect on improving arthritis, and at the same time, strengthens bone health.
  • Seizures: 
    Epileptic seizures are hard to treat with conventional methods though CBD, both in humans and animals, has shown great results in reducing the number of seizures. The controlled dosage of CBD can show a drastic reduction in the number of seizures experienced by your pet. Consumption of CBD, along with regular seizure medications, can work really well in treating your pet.

Is it possible for my pet to get high with its use?

With cannabis consumption, comes the most asked question, whether it will make the pet experience mind high or not? The use of non-psychoactive component CBD (Hemp) in your pets has a very low chance of getting them high, though marijuana variants of CBD can get the pets high. It is safe that you opt for the hemp-obtained version of CBD for safe medicinal usage.

How can my pet consume it?

Getting the pet to consume medicine is an extremely tough task that pet parents are well-accustomed too, yet loathe every time. Considering this concern, manufacturers have created various cannabis concentrates and products that are pet-friendly and extremely easy to feed to the pets. CBD is available in various forms such as CBD oil, topicals, edibles, and tinctures that you can conveniently provide to the pets.

Cannabis will only benefit your pet if you know the correct variant, dosage, and product to provide to the pet. Cannabis and pets is a sensitive subject that you must seek professional advice for in case you decide to opt for it in your household. Consult an expert veterinarian that also knows about cannabis to get the best cannabis advice for your furry friend!

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Neil believes Cannabis has medical benefits and should be prescribed by a Doctor. This site aims to provide accurate information on the science and legality of Cannabis so you can make informed decisions.

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