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CBD Oil.

CBD Oils are extracts from cannabis plant.

What Are CBD Oils?

Cannabidiol (also known as CBD) oils are extracts derived from the resins of the cannabis plant. Also referred to as CBD hemp oils or CBD cannabis oils, these oils are extracted primarily from the hemp plant, although strains high in CBD can be used as well. These cannabis concentrates can be used as is or diluted with carrier oils such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil.

Are There Any Health Benefits of CBD? Is There Any Evidence?

Today in the medical world, CBD oils and products are utilised in the aid of treatment of a wide range of medical issues, especially terminal and chronic diseases. Although many studies have proven CBD beneficial to patients who suffer from a number of medical complaints, there are still many who doubt its efficacy.

Cannabidiol, a cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant and CBD oils poses numerous health benefits when ingested. Some of these benefits are presented in the infographic above. Source

Here are some of the medical conditions in which CBD oils can be used to treat and manage, alongside some of the research that backs up their medicinal properties.

Mental Health Disorders

CBD oils are beneficial for the treatment of a number of mental health disorders. Although patients who suffer from mental health disorders are often advised to stay away from cannabis and related products, there is strong evidence supporting the benefits of cannabinoids – particularly CBD – for the treatment of mental health conditions.

The benefits of CBD to individuals suffering from mental health disorders. Source

In a study published by Neurotherapeutics, it was established that CBD could potentially reduce the levels of anxiety in patients with related disorders. According to the study, CBD is beneficial for the treatment of disorders including;

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Panic Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
CBD interacts directly with the brain receptors serotonin and GABA. Lower levels of these hormones can contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression in patients. By interacting with these receptors, they are able to maintain an internal balance.

Pain and Inflammatory Diseases

CBD oils are very effective at managing pain and pain related symptoms, as well as inflammation as a result of other diseases. Numerous studies have been conducted to back up these claims.

A study conducted by the Journal of Experimental Medicine found that CBD significantly reduced the pain and chronic inflammation in rats and mice.

A study published on the website of the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) reported that cannabinoids – particularly CBD – were effective in the treatment of inflammatory and neuropathic pain. According to the study, CBD is effective at treating pain as it targets a3 glycerine receptors.

Another study published on the website suggests that CBD is effective at suppressing cytokine. It induces T-regulatory cells which help autoimmune conditions.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Adelaide? If So, How Can I Buy It?

In Adelaide, as with the rest of Australia, cannabis and related products are legal but only accessible to licensed medical marijuana patients. CBD oil is a Schedule 4 product and can only be accessed with special consent. The government can consent to the administration of CBD oils following conditions provided in the Special Access Scheme (SAS) under the Therapeutic Goods Act (TGA).

Legally, it is impossible to obtain CBD oils without the authorisation of a licensed medical prescriber.

Hemp seed oils – which contain less than 0.0075% cannabidiol and 0.005% tetrahydrocannabinol – are available to the general public for purchase under the provisions of the Office of Drug Control. CBD oils which contain more than 0.0075% CBD and 0.005% THC are strictly prohibited.

It is important to note that CBD oils extracted from strains of cannabis and not the hemp plant are strictly prohibited within Adelaide.

Buying CBD

CBD oils are concentrated extracts derived from the resins of the cannabis plant. These extracts are rich in cannabidiol, a chemical compound present in the cannabis plant. Today, CBD oils can be utilised to improve the health conditions of patients suffering from numerous issues including mental health disorders and chronic pain. There are numerous research projects which back up the efficacy ascribed to CBD oils. In Adelaide, as with the rest of Australia, CBD oils are legal for licensed medical consumption. These oils can only be accessed legally if the individual looking to use them is given documented clearance from the government to do so.

While CBD will hopefully be readily available in Adelaide at some point in the future, unless the buyer has a chronic health condition and can get the product subscribed to them, its current illegal status remains.