Cannabis Stocks in Australia

Cannabis stocks are a way to get your hands on the weed market legally Recreational cannabis is still illegal in Australia, unless you live in the ACT. You can only get your hands on the drug legally if you have a prescription for medical use. But there’s another way to get some cannabis without a prescriptionContinue reading “Cannabis Stocks in Australia”

Legalize Medicinal Cannabis in the AU

Medicinal Cannabis in Australia The cannabis trend has continued around the globe, and public opinion is the driving force. Australians, too, have grown more and more accepting of marijuana use, and most of that acceptance has been a result of the medicinal properties of the drug. The latest National Drug Strategy Household survey shows that the majorityContinue reading “Legalize Medicinal Cannabis in the AU”

Recreational Cannabis in Australia

What is recreational cannabis Recreational cannabis users consume the drug for leisure purposes. Such users have a number of ways to consume cannabis, and the most popular is by smoking it. However, there are other ways, and the four main cannabis consumption methods are: Inhalation Oral Sublingual, and Topical Other cannabis users mainly use the drug forContinue reading “Recreational Cannabis in Australia”

Everything You Need To Know About Citrus CBD

What is Citrus CBD? An alternative to cannabis-based CBD is now on the market, extracted from citrus and evergreen bark. Citrus CBD’s molecular structure is identical to cannabis-based CBD, but it’s a consistently purer form that’s 100 percent free of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Australia legalised cannabis for medical purposes back in 2016. Although the crop and its cannabinoidsContinue reading “Everything You Need To Know About Citrus CBD”

All You Need to Know to Make the Best Use of Hemp Protein

What is Hemp Protein? Is it Legal in Australia? Hemp protein is growing increasingly popular among athletes, bodybuilders, and health enthusiasts, thanks to its immense nutritional value and irresistible taste. It has excellent qualities that make it an ideal protein ingredient for beverages, smoothies, shakes, soups, gravvies, and other recipes. Hemp protein is catching onContinue reading “All You Need to Know to Make the Best Use of Hemp Protein”

Philips Finally Solve the Problem of the Cannabis Breathalyzer

A silver lining for Cannabis DUI prohibition One of the most elusive aspects of cannabis regulation is the apprehension of those driving while under the influence of marijuana. Currrently, law enforcement officers are only trained to probe for DUI offenses by accessing the cognitive and physiological behaviors of suspects, given the lack of reliable measures to quicklyContinue reading “Philips Finally Solve the Problem of the Cannabis Breathalyzer”

A Comprehensive Guide to Cannabis Tincture Oil

What is a Tincture / Oil? The consumption method is sometimes as important as the strain of the cannabis used, detecting factors like the timing, duration, and intensity of the drug’s effects. If you’re a first-time user, tinctures are one of the best consumption methods for a seamless experience. You’ll also find tinctures a betterContinue reading “A Comprehensive Guide to Cannabis Tincture Oil”

A Complete Guide to Palmitoylethanolamide

What is Palmitoylethanolamide? Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is a protective and regenerative fatty molecule produced in humans as well as other animals and plants. It can be extracted from sources such as peanuts, almonds, soybeans, eggs, etc to supplement the body with the quantities needed for normal cellular and functions. The history of PEA goes as farContinue reading “A Complete Guide to Palmitoylethanolamide”

Boutique Cannabis Australia

What is a ‘Cannabis Boutique’? In places where cannabis is legal for recreational use, you typically just go into the dispensary, point out what you want, pay for it and leave. For medical use, things might be a bit more complicated, usually dependent on a doctor’s prescription. But a cannabis boutique gives you more ofContinue reading “Boutique Cannabis Australia”