The Dark Side of CBD in Australia

Cities in Australia Where CBD is Illegal

There is often a misconception between the legal use of cannabis, cannabis oil, and CBD. While the Australia Capital Territory legalized the possession of small amounts of cannabis for recreational use on the 31st of January 2020, the plant is largely prohibited in the rest of the country. However, cannabis oil is given an entirely different treatment.

The illegality of cannabis in Australia and the exemption of cannabis oil – confounds the minds of many. Although the oil is allowed, it is only allowed to for use by individuals who register under the medical cannabis program. Any person who does not register under the medical cannabis program cannot obtain or use cannabis oil legally.

The good news is that everywhere in Australia, CBD oil – another derivative from the hemp plant, is legal for use without prescription or registration for the medical cannabis program. That means any Australian can walk into any store to purchase it without repercussions. Cannabis oil has psychoactive properties, is also expensive, and regulated. It is therefore more logical to go for CBD oil which is less expensive and without the psychoactive effects found in the former.

The reason is that in 2017, Australia’s state and federal ministers of health consented to allow the buying and selling of low-THC hemp seeds and other similar products, classifying them as food. The moment that agreement was reached, it became lawful to use CBD oil in all the cities in Australia.

Is CBD safe for use?

CBD is the shortform for Cannabidol. As mentioned earlier, it is a derivative of the hemp plant. As a vital component of hemp, it doesn’t have psychoactive properties or “cause a high” making it largely safe for consumption. There’s currently no evidence to suggest CBD can be abused, neither is there any proof of health related hazards linked to the use of CBD.

On the contrary, CBD is well-recognized for its efficacy in treating a myriad of health problems. There’s strong scientific evidence suggesting the efficacy of CBD in the treatment of some of the worst cases of childhood epilepsy including Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Driver Syndrom which normally are resistant to antiseizure medication. Epidolex is one such Cannabidol-derived medication that is effective in the treatment of these childhood epilepsy syndromes. 

Despite its many uses, CBD has a dark side. It can cause, irritability, fatigue and nausea. A sticking point of concern is that CBD is sold as a food supplement instead of medication and thus not easily regulated.

How Does CBD Affect the Brain?

The effects of CBD on the brain can be benign, stale, or harmful, depending on unique personal factors like genetic and health conditions. src

THC is the controversial substance found in the cannabis plant capable of causing intoxication. CBD, on the other hand, is the more quiet cousin that has no psychoactive properties. A note of caution – it does bind to the brain’s receptors in a manner that is sometimes overbearing.

When you ingest cannabis, the cannabinoids bind themselves to the brain’s receptors in the same way a key fits snugly into a lock. However, the effects on the brain depend on the genetic makeup of the individual as well as their drug history. Amongst many other things.  CBD can be used as a treatment for managing chronic pain by affecting the way the brain processes pain.

Negative side-effect of CBD

Cannabinoids may be used with good intentions, but there’s the dark side of CBD that’s most tines swept under the carpets by CBD enthusiasts and health professionals. It is well-known that the benefits of using CBD usually far outweigh the drawbacks, but there are a few reasons why caution must be exercised before consuming any CBD-related product.

Firstly, users are likely to experience Dry Mouth which is a general side effect of consuming either hemp or Marijuana. The reason is that cannabinoids impede the production of saliva. The best way to deal with Dry Mouth syndrome is to take lots of fluids before consuming CBD.

Low blood pressure may become a cause for concern if high doses of CBD is consumed. Individuals who feel lightheaded after taking CBD need to consult their doctors. Higher dosages of CBD may also cause dizziness, but at smaller doses, CBD can uplift mood and improve alertness. Any dose above 100mg per session can produce sedative effects. The use of a vehicle or heavy machinery should be minimized for medical cannabis patients feeling these CBD side effects.

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