Is Cannabis Vaping Legal?

Many people prefer cannabis vaping over smoking the drug.

Vaping CBD has been viewed as an ideal alternative to smoking cannabis cigarettes. Many believe It is a clean way to benefit from the cannabis plant. You can vape cannabis through CBD oils.

Over the years, vaping has become increasingly popular around the world. One of its most apparent benefits is the lack of smoke, which translates into the lack of cancer-causing carcinogens popularly associated with smoking. The popularity has also translated into a multi-billion dollar global market. However, there is a question as to the legality of vaping in Australia.

The global cannabis vaping market.

Cannabis vaping in Australia

Currently, dry herb vaporizers are illegal in Australia. Cannabis falls within Schedule 4, Schedule 8, and Schedule 9 category. Each category has different regulations and intents for different forms of cannabis, in addition to its sale, use, cultivation, importation, and transportation.

Australians widely use cannabis, and statistics show that 33.5% of those aged 22 and older have used the drug. This amounts to around 5.8 million Australians. This even while recreational cannabis use remains prohibited in eight Australian states and territories.

Laws and regulations on the use, sale, and possession of cannabis are different in each state and territory, with some being significantly more lenient in the context of punitive treatment of cannabis cases.

Given the popularity of cannabis in general, and specifically vaping, these products aren’t hard to come by regardless of their legal or illegal status. You can buy CBD vape juices in different flavors, including cherries, rosemary, cardamom, citrus, menthol, watermelon, vanilla, marshmallows, gin, etc. You can combine different flavors to yield a wonderful cannabis vaping experience.

Most CBD vape juice contain a certain amount of THC content. With the higher THC content comes the greater chance of getting high from the CBD vape juice. To avoid THC altogether, you can choose 100% pure CBD isolates vape juice. This vape juice primarily contains CBD extracted from hemp. As a result, you will not get high.

Is cannabis vaping safe

As stated, many prefer cannabis vaping over smoking the drug, primarily because of the lack of burnt materials. A vaporizer heats the cannabis in herbal or concentrated form. This heating causes active ingredients to transmit into the body without actually burning the drug.

Cannabis vaping involves no combustion, and therefore, no smoke is created during the cannabis vaporization. Instead, the marijuana vaporizer heats cannabis to a temperature below the combustion temperature. The released vapor delivers cannabis to the body when inhaled.

Although cannabis vaping appears safer than traditional cannabis smoking, inhaling cannabis through a vaporizer can have negative health effects. Vaping gets residual irritants, pesticides, and solvents into the body through vapors. This raises other physical and psychological health concerns.

Serious lung diseases are affecting people in the North America who vape. This has motivated health officials in Canada to pause as the country prepares to approve vaping in areas where cannabis is legal.

American’s perspectives on substances

Views of Americans on Tobacco and other substances. Img src

Support for cannabis legalization for recreational purposes is growing in Australia. Under the Narcotic Drugs Amendment Act of 2016, cannabis cultivation and use for medicinal and/or scientific purposes are now legal, but recreational use remains illegal at the federal level.

While many states and territories in Australia are yet to decide whether their residents are allowed to use or grow cannabis for recreational purposes, many have some very lenient regulations on the books. In fact, the Australia’s Capital Territory just passed legislation legalising recreational cannabis possession and cultivation a couple of months ago, stirring a national stir as to whether or not the move can be allowed. However, the recent development is a reflection of many Australians’ cannabis views, including consumption methods.  

Final words

In the light of increasing serious cases of cannabis vaping from the United States and Canada, it appears that Australia is not planning to legalize cannabis vaping anytime soon. The country has already legalized medical cannabis, so legalizing a consumption method that might be a health hazard may contradict that medical purpose despite the popularity of vaping.

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