Can CBD / Cannabis Cure your Hangovers?

Can you Take CBD after Drinking?

You’ve probably noticed new CBD-infused alcoholics popping up on bar menus in your locality, and you’re now curious about the effects of combining CBD and alcohol. Specifically, you’re curious about the effects that CBD can have on hangovers.

It’s totally safe to combine alcohol and CBD. Studies show that such a combination leads to amplified effects of both substances. When you take CBD after drinking, you’ll feel stronger sedative effects from the alcohol and CBD, as both substances calm the nerves and reduce stress. On the extreme, reports of the side effects of mixing alcohol and CBD have included mood swings and behavioral changes.

But besides these sometimes undesirable side effects, you won’t have much to regret about combining alcohol and CBD. You can still enjoy the full range of possible benefits that CBD can endow, from anxiety relief to anti-inflammation, and anti-nociception.

Does CBD Work for Alcohol Hangovers?

Although there’s a shortfall of studies on the effects of CBD on people under the influence of alcohol, findings so far suggest that CBD may help in staving off some side effects of alcohol. However, no evidence suggests that CBD can cure hangovers and impairment of the senses from alcohol. Nonetheless, the net positive effect of CBD can go a long way in making life more bearable after heavy drinking.

In a study published in 1979 in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, no significant short-term difference were found between subjects placed on alcohol and CBD and those placed on alcohol alone. Both subject groups were found to have limited motor and psychomotor control, a distorted sense of time, and other impairments.

However, a significant difference seemed to have occurred when considering long-term factors such as alcohol blood levels and alcohol addiction. Subjects placed on CBD and alcohol had significantly lower levels of alcohol in their blood and were also less prone to withdrawal symptoms.

What are the Effects of Using CBD after Drinking?

A comparison between the effects of alcohol and CBD. src

As noted earlier, CBD might not cure the side effects of drinking instantly. However, CBD can induce benign effects on your body after drinking. Here’s a rundown of some ways that CBD can be beneficial to you after drinking:

Prevention of Cell Damage:

Some studies suggest that CBD can help forestall cell damage that might result from excessive consumption of alcohol. Such cellular damages have been heavily linked to liver disease, certain types of cancer, pancreatitis, and many other chronic diseases. Various animal studies show that CBD can decrease brain-cell damage resulting from excessive alcohol consumption by up to 49%, and increase autophagy to forestall alcohol-induced liver disease. But these effects are yet to be confirmed in studies involving human subjects.

Reduction of blood alcohol levels:

Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is usually a benchmark used to determine one’s level of impairment under the influence. In a study conducted back in the 1970s, human subjects placed on CBD after drinking had significantly lower levels of alcohol in their blood. However, subsequent studies on animals show conflicting reports, with no significant reduction in alcohol blood levels found after administering CBD to animals under the influence.

Reduction of alcohol withdrawal symptoms:

If you’re fighting alcohol addiction, you might want to keep CBD products in your arsenal. That’s because CBD has been shown in several animal studies to inhibit severe addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Animal studies show that CBD can help decrease the alcohol cravings.

What Alternatives are there to CBD against Hangovers?

CBD has immense potentials for staving off the side effects of alcohol, but doesn’t bring instant relief to hangovers. But anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen or naproxen can help numb the attendant migraines from hangovers. Drinking plenty water also helps by preventing the symptoms of dehydration caused by excessive urination from alcohol consumption. Since dehydration is one of the major culprits behind hangover symptoms, sports drinks can aid in your hangover. They contain electrolytes that can help replenish those lost from heavy urination.

It’s also important to fill your stomach when you’re grappling with a hangover. This provides your body with the energy and nutrition it needs to offset any imbalances caused by the hangover. Drink coffee or tea and serve yourself a hearty bowl of leafy greens or fruit salad.

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