A Well-Rounded Guide to Buying Perrottetinene in Australia

What is Perrottetinene?

It turns out that the genetic mutations of certain plants through eons of evolution put them on a similar path as cannabis. For some reasons, nature has built up reserves of compounds similar to cannabis cannabinoids in a moss-like plant known as liverwort. Cannabis isn’t in a league of its own, after all, and this rivalry with Liverwort is staged in the medical arena. Perrottetinene (PET), a naturally-occurring active compound in Liverwort, has demonstrated medicinal potentials that rival those of cannabis cannabinoids.

PET is chemically similar to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. A team of researchers in Switzerland have been able to show that PET can interact with our endocannabinoid system in a way that’s similar to the effects of THC. However, one key difference between the effects of both substances is that, compared to THC, PET has a significantly milder impact on CB1 and CB2 receptors as well as mood receptors like serotonin and dopamine. That translates to a much milder psychoactive effect with PET.

However, when it comes to therapeutic effects like anti-inflammation, PET has more robust effects. “In a direct comparison I think perrottetinene is the better version of THC,” concluded one of the lead researchers. With its greater anti-inflammatory potentials, PET is a better pain reliever and has fewer side effects compared to THC.

Usage and Benefits of Perrottetinene

It’s no wonder liverwort has been used for centuries as a traditional medicine in their native regions in Japan and New Zealand, and Costa Rica. However, PET is relatively nascent to the medical world, and researchers are only just picking up on it. The researchers in Switzerland were spurred to look into the substance after finding it being marketed on the internet as a new legal high. More studies are still needed to verify claims of the therapeutic potentials of the substance.

However, clinical trials conducted so far have proven the efficacy of the substance in the treatment of certain types of pain, muscle cramp, lightheadedness, and loss of appetite. While the researchers in Switzerland were undertaking a biochemical comparison between PET and THC, they noticed strong anti-inflammatory effects occurring in the mice subjects that ingested the substance.

The researchers believe these remarkable therapeutic potentials with little or no exposure to psychoactivity make PET a prime alternative to THC and cannabis, which continue to be mired in illegalities. 

Perrottetinene and Cannabinoid – How They Relate to Each Other

A comparison between the physical and chemical compositions of cannabis and liverworts. src 

The psychoactive characteristics of THC and cannabis have been the main drawback preventing their legalization, even though they’ve been shown to have immense therapeutic potentials. THC interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which is a nerve center that co-ordinates a vast range of bodily functions. However, the substance exerts a strong influence on CB1 and CB2 receptors as well as mood receptors like dopamine.

This can result in changes in mood, altered consciousness, and impairment of the senses. These effects are sometimes undesirable, especially to patients who need the therapeutic benefits but are worried that the psychoactive effects might interfere with their daily activities. Patients are also quite cautious about overdosing when using THC. All these considerations paint the substance in a bad light in the sight of the law in Australia. 

On the other hand, PET is potentially a less-psychoactive alternative to THC, but it’s currently not as readily available as THC. The liverwort plant is only found in three countries across the globe, and it’ll take a long while before we have them produced in quantities that make as readily accessible as cannabis to Aussies.

Perrottetinene has so far remained under the radar of policymakers in Australia. Currently, no laws approve or disapprove of the use of PET. Lawmakers are preoccupied with other substances like synthetic cannabis and other hard drugs that are more controversial than PET can ever be.

So far, no major side effects have been reported about the substance, so lawmakers have had no reason to take a critical look into it. The significantly lower psychoactive potentials of PET and its nearly nonexistent side effects make it as legal as just about any staple food.

You can order the drug online to have it imported delivered at your doorstep without any legal hindrances in Australia.

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