A Comprehensive Guide to Cannabis Tincture Oil

What is a Tincture / Oil?

The consumption method is sometimes as important as the strain of the cannabis used, detecting factors like the timing, duration, and intensity of the drug’s effects. If you’re a first-time user, tinctures are one of the best consumption methods for a seamless experience. You’ll also find tinctures a better alternative if you’re averse to the possible risks associated with smoking.

Tincture generally refers to any medical substance that’s preserved in an alcoholic formulation. Cannabis tincture refers to cannabis extracts combined with an alcoholic mixture to extend their lifespan.

The alcoholic content, which usually contains alcohol, glycerin, or cinnamon/peppermint, usually forms 60 – 70% of cannabis tinctures. Researchers believe that tinctures can preserve cannabis extracts for as long as several years if stored properly in a cool, dry place. As such, you can use them to preserve large batches of cannabis products in one go.

Tinctures are ideal for both recreational and medicinal use because they give users tighter control over the dosages. Besides, tinctures come with greater bioavailability compared to some other methods of consumption. The presence of alcohol helps activate various terpenes and cannabinoids in the drug. To further increase the tincture’s bioavailability to make the effects much stronger, you can decarboxylate the cannabis extract by heating the extracts a bit before dissolving them in the alcohol.

How to Apply Cannabis Tinctures

The method of application as well as the composition of the product are the primary determinants of your cannabis tincture user experience.

One of the best advantages of using cannabis tinctures is that it allows you to measure your intake with higher precision. However, there are multiple ways of consuming tinctures, and each one might bring about significantly varying outcomes. You can use tinctures sublingually, orally, or in food and drinks.

Sublingual is the quickest in terms of the time it takes to induce effects. It’s the best option if you’re experimenting to find the dose that delivers the right intensity of effects. But if you’re certain about the dose that’s suitable for you and prefer a much slower, gradual perception of effects, you can consume with edibles.

Another important thing to note about the dosing of tinctures is that different products may differ in terms of the concentration of cannabis contents. The same quantity of different tincture products consumed through the same method can give rise to effects with varying intensities.

To figure out the equivalent dosage in different products, simply divide the ratio of the cannabis extracts to alcohol of each product and then use the quotient to measure out the rations.

To consume sublingually, place 1 ml (or a little drop) of the tincture under your tongue and let it glide down your throat gently. You should start noticing the effects within 15 – 45 minutes, after which you can then decide whether or not to increase the dose. Try to use gradual increments to avoid discomforts with the intensity of the effects.

To consume cannabis tincture in edibles, simply add the quantity that will provide for your dosing in the edibles. You can use tinctures just about any food, snack or drink, including, juices, ice creams, smoothies, soups, gravies, salads, etc.

Note also that tinctures are a better alternative to the whole plant if you want lower calorie levels in your cannabis-infused edible.

Where to Buy Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tincture is one of the most popular forms of medical cannabis and can be found in dispensaries and pharmacies in areas where medical cannabis is legal. You can also buy them online provided the products meet cannabis laws applicable to your locality.

Cannabis tincture products come in three main variations:

  • Isolate, which contains only CBD without any other cannabinoid
  • Full spectrum, which contains the entirety of the compounds found in the whole plant, including THC
  • Broad-spectrum, which contains most of the compounds found in the drug but with just trace amounts of THC.

Another thing you should look out for when buying cannabis tincture is the third-party analysis of the product’s composition. High-quality products will have certificates of content analysis from reputable independent research labs. 

What you Should Expect to Pay

Tinctures are one of the most cost-efficient types of cannabis products. You’ll get a greater value-to-price ratio from tinctures than many other types of cannabis products. A small bottle containing about 100 drops costs around $20. If you take 2 – 3 drops per dose, that’s about $0.40 – $0.60 per dose. You’ll be getting your doses at a fraction of the cost when compared to regular joints, which come in anywhere from $3.50 – $5.0.

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