How Does It Feel To Use CBD Oil?

CBD Oil – what is it and what’s it used for?

CBD Oil (Cannabidiol Oil)– Oil infused with chemicals which can be extracted from Hemp or Cannabis – is one of hundreds of chemical compounds found naturally in the marijuana plant. Importantly, CBD does not provide the same psychoactive effect as THC but does have other interesting effects.

CBD Oil is legal in the UK, and is freely available in Health Shops there. It is not yet available in Australia. Since I visited the UK recently, and have an interest in the subject I thought I would give it a go.

I have used Cannabis since my early twenties (at which time, I did not know of the negative effects associated with use by young people. Of course, now, I would not recommend that younger people – anyone under the age of 25, take Cannabis in any form). I’ve never before, however, tried low / non THC products such as CBD oil.

CBD oil is available in small vials and in different strengths. I chose the medium strength oil and tempered the amount I consumed. As I became more familiar with what I was taking. I upped the amount I took, in the end, consuming as many as 25 drops in a day.

Below : Total US CBD Sales in $Millions

CBD Oil is increasingly popular but is still not legal in Australia

The purchase experience was as simple as any you might encounter in a small shop, on any day of the week. I bought mine in a small Health food shop in Bedford, Bedfordshire.  There was no stigma and the person behind the counter was happy to offer me advice and sell me the product. I paid about 50 pounds – roughly $90 AUD at today’s exchange rate, for the vial I picked up.

So, How did it feel?

The taste was like any untreated natural plant you might have had. At some point, as a child, you probably ate some grass (of the sort you’d find on a lawn) to see how it tasted.  I’d say that’s probably the closest analogy to what I imbibed.

It had less of an effect – in terms of magnitude of experience, rather than nature of effect – on me than 3 or 4 strong coffees might. To be clear, the effect of coffee – a stimulant – would be different to what I felt.

On low doses of the CBD Oil I had, I felt nothing. In higher doses, there were two impacts which occurred in parallel.

  • Blurred thought: 
    First, I experienced a slight blurring of thought – the type of thing you might experience if you had jet lag. I noticed that it took me a second to realize the point of what people said to me in a discussion – that was different to usual for me.
  • A sense of physical wellbeing: 
    Second, there was a slight body ‘tingle’ which was similar to what I’ve felt when I’ve exercised and then had a shower. The sensation was about the same as the feel good endorphins you might get after that sort of exercise.

Where could CBD oil end up?

Drinks manufacturers including Coca-Cola Amatil are strongly considering making investments in Cannabis companies. Some already have.

It could be, should the drug be legalized, that it would be possible to buy a soft drink infused with CBD Oil, in the same way Redbull is infused with Caffeine.

CBD, as we’ve seen, avoids the company having to step in to the murkier waters of THC related consumption but offers a new, interesting product with some scientifically recognized health benefits. I only hope they get rid of the taste of garden variety grass.

A friend of mine in the suffers from Rheumatoid arthritis which sees her life in a wheelchair and manage her diet closely, to avoid negative effects. It would be interesting to see if she derived the same sort of physical sense of wellbeing that I did.

Bringing it all together

It’s strange that there is such a difference between the laws in the UK and Australia, around something as innocuous as CBD Oil, when the two countries have so many cultural and historical similarities.

I don’t think I could recommend using CBD Oil to you, simply because it was expensive and it did very little for me. While I didn’t get much ‘good effect’ from using CBD Oil, I certainly can’t see any sensible reason as to why it should remain illegal. My friend with arthritis is still on my mind – if there is even the chance that she could benefit from the drug, I can’t see any reason to leave it banned from consumption.

Published by Neil

Neil believes Cannabis has medical benefits and should be prescribed by a Doctor. This site aims to provide accurate information on the science and legality of Cannabis so you can make informed decisions.

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