Weed Seeds: What Are the Costs and Legal Requirements?

If you’re considering growing your own cannabis, this guide shares the legal requirements and costs involved.

The legalisation of medicinal cannabis presents the opportunity for those with a permit to legally grow cannabis outdoors. Home cannabis cultivation has become very popular, with the plant and its products gaining rapid acceptance worldwide. Also, an increasing number of Australians now support cannabis legalisation and decriminalisation, which could mean a future where cannabis is far more accessible.

Australians supporting cannabis legalisation

Australians want cannabis to be legal

 In the American states and countries where cannabis is legal, “grow your own” or GYO cannabis is becoming prevalent for many reasons. Australia looks set to follow this pattern.

In Australia, growing cannabis for medical use is legal under the right circumstances. To legally grow marijuana at home, you have to attain the required licenses from the ODC (Office of Drug Control).  You may also need various import and export licenses, permits, and TGA approvals in order to grow your cannabis.

Growing cannabis at home allows you complete control over every aspect of the cultivation process. There are several different ways to grow cannabis, each with a slightly different result and expected yield.

Whether you want to cultivate the plant organically, in soil containers, or hydroponically, there are different methods that will improve your results. In some areas, hydroponic cultivation is not permitted.  You can personalise your cultivation style and ensure that you have safe to consume products. Ensuring safety is important as some cannabis products on the black market are not pure.

In addition to this, you can grow cannabis on any budget, and the different between the costs of buying cannabis vs. growing your own plant is often substantial.

How much does growing your own cannabis cost?

If you are growing cannabis for personal use, it doesn’t have to cost a significant amount of money. Growing outdoors is easy because everything you need, such as sunlight, rain, and nutrients from the soil, is essentially free. You only have to buy cannabis seeds and appropriate pots. Growing cannabis in fertilised, nutrient-rich soil could improve your crop.

Lack of proper nutrients and improper care may result in reduced yield from cannabis plants.  On the other hand, with perfect outdoor conditions and nutrient-rich soil, you can yield up to 18 ounces for each plant.

You can also grow marijuana indoors, and this can also be relatively inexpensive. Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) lights can provide you with an adequate yield without significantly increasing your electric bill. All you need for indoor cannabis growing are seeds, pots, soil, CFL lights, and a small fan, which should cost around $80 or potentially even less.

The amendments to the Narcotic Drugs Act in Australia regulate the cultivation, production, and manufacture of medicinal cannabis products. This ensures that the use of cannabis in Australia is strictly reserved for scientific and medical uses only.

Whether you are an organisation or an individual grower, you must have a medical cannabis license or an Office of Drug Control (ODC) license to lawfully cultivate cannabis for medicinal purposes. The permit outlines the specifications of that crop, such as what type and how much can be cultivated.

Although there is no limit to the number of medical cannabis licenses, a license is only granted if the cultivator intends to supply to a manufacturer who holds an ODC medicinal cannabis manufacturing license. Also, the types and quantities of cannabis required for manufacturing will be stipulated in the permit. You may obtain multiple permits under one license, provided you meet the extensive set of requirements required to obtain a license. These requirements include your suitability to hold a license and the suitability of your associates, including business or family, to be associated with a medical cannabis business. These requirements also include security design and the proposed cultivation site. This information allows the authorities to make comprehensive assessments of the suitability of license applicants and their associates. Also, they can measure the adequacy of security and other processes involved around medicinal cannabis cultivation.

Growing Your Own

Under the right circumstances, growing your own weed at home can be legal, safe, and inexpensive. The only people in Australia who are legally allowed to grow their own marijuana at home are those who have a permit stating their use is either medicinal or research based – although recently the ACT has legalised a limited amount of growing for personal use.

Overall, with appropriate licensing eligibility, knowledge, and tools, you can easily grow medicinal cannabis in Australia. Make sure you are eligible as a cannabis grower before applying for the license, follow all relevant laws, and enjoy safe and inexpensive weed.

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Neil believes Cannabis has medical benefits and should be prescribed by a Doctor. This site aims to provide accurate information on the science and legality of Cannabis so you can make informed decisions.

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