Where In The World Can You Buy Weed Online?

For a number of years now, the legalization of cannabis has taken the globe by storm. In 2013, the South American country of Uruguay blazed the trail for the world, being the first country to fully legalize the recreational consumption of cannabis for adults.

Following Uruguay’s hot trail, Canada became the second country to fully legalize the recreational consumption of weed in 2018. Currently, Canada is the largest country in the world where cannabis is legal.

In the United States of America (US), cannabis is legal in 33 states and Washington D.C. However, a majority of these states only permit marijuana consumption for medical purposes.

In Peru, marijuana has been decriminalized. The possession of marijuana is not a punishable offense as long as it’s for personal, private and immediate use.

Nations all over the world have diverse and often complex relationships with the substance. As the trends for legalization continue to grow, many nations have begun to review their set laws on the substance. Given to this fact, a great number of countries have either decriminalized or legalized cannabis within the past decade.

A  growing number of countries around the world have legalised or decriminalised cannabis possession. Source

Understanding mail order Cannabis

Mail order cannabis refers to cannabis – and cannabis preparations – purchased from an online platform, which is then delivered to whatever address you find convenient. Cannabis can be purchased online from E-commerce websites – which deal with predominantly recreational consumers – or online medical dispensaries.

Purchasing cannabis and its preparations online is often a simple, straightforward process. Save for the regulations involved per state laws and geographical zones, all one needs to do is access the shop’s webpage and begin shopping.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis Online?

Legal marijuana is presently one of the fastest growing world ventures. According to Grand View Research, the cannabis global legal cannabis market is expected to reach $146.6 Billion by the end of 2025.

Cannabis market hit $344 Billion globally. Source

While the legal market for cannabis is heavily concentrated in North America, an ample amount of European nations permit the purchase of cannabis and its preparations via online platforms. Although the European market is still in its infancy, there are many well developed online stores which ship cannabis within and outside Europe. It is important to note, however, that many European stores stock products with low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and high levels of cannabidiol (CBD).

In the following European nations, cannabis can be purchased online. Shipping differs per online merchant but generally, these stores ship within Europe and worldwide. These countries include:

  • Belgium;
  • The United Kingdom;
  • Italy;
  • Germany; and
  • Switzerland.

When ordering from sites which ship worldwide, it’s important to make sure that cannabis is legal in your jurisdiction. If illegal, individuals face possibilities of hefty fines and jail sentences, or at the very least, the product may get intercepted by customs at the border, resulting in a loss all the same.

In the US, sending marijuana through the mail – even in legal states – is considered drug trafficking. This is because on a federal level, marijuana is an illegal substance, and postal services are generally operating under interstate commerce federal laws.

Instead, these delivery services are available through private or internal couriers. It is curious to note, however, that the issue of legality only generally poses an issue with products high in THC. A survey on online cannabis companies by Brobible showed that cannabis products rich in CBD were shipped nationwide without hassles.

In Canada, the laws pertaining to the purchase of marijuana via online platforms vary according to the province/territory. In Ontario, the only site where cannabis can be purchased online – legally – is the government-run Ontario Cannabis Store. Sole government-run online stores can be found in other territories including Alberta and New Brunswick.

Despite the regulations governing the sale and distribution of cannabis products online, many parties continually turn a blind eye. Many online cannabis vendors operate outside the law in conjunction with private couriers and discreet distribution networks. In many cases, this satisfies the needs of their paying clientele. However, this is not without the risk of the brunt of the law.

Final words

Around the world, cannabis consumers have access to E-commerce websites which sell and distribute cannabis and its preparations. These E-commerce sites ease the burden of cannabis consumers in the procurement of the substance. In many states/regions, although cannabis is legal, the procurement of cannabis via online platforms poses a problem to many. The business for recreational cannabis is lucrative. However, there are few places in the world where cannabis is legal and fewer online stores to service them.

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