Does Cannabis Lead To Good Sex?

Regular weed-smokers have higher odds of a satisfactory sex life, study says

For many women, the cannabis high supercharges orgasm. Claims have emerged about how the cannabis high heightens arousal, amplifies libido, and intensifies orgasm. In fact, cannabis is often more of a preferred substance to use prior to or during sex than alcohol. However, there’s currently a shortage of scientific literature on the effects of cannabis on sexual life.

Recently though, a group of researchers were moved to validate the current wave of positive press on the effects of cannabis on female sex life. Here’s the rundown.

Cannabis and sex. Source

The study of cannabis effects on sexual function

The endocannabinoid system plays a crucial role in the regulation of sexual functions, and cannabis interracts with that endocannabinoid system. A team of researchers found that the interaction of cannabis with the endocannabinoid system can bring about tremendous improvements in a woman’s sex life. The results of the study were published in the journal of Sexual Medicine by the researchers, who were made up of gynecologists and behavior scientists from the Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

The study anonymously surveyed 373 participants who were women no younger than 18 years of age, mostly straight, and who sought care at a designated OB/GYN practice. The survey featured questions on the entire sexual life of women, including the level of satisfaction with their current sex life, libido, orgasm, and lubrication. Questions on how marijuana use affected their sexual lives, including how frequently they use marijuana before having sex, were of particular interest.

The results of the study show that marijuana use was associated with enhanced libido, orgasm, lubrication, and overall sexual experience. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Out of 47% of respondents who were cannabis smokers, 34% said they use cannabis regularly before sex to enhance their sexual experience.
  • These women, according to the results, were 2.13 times more likely to report satisfactory orgasms than the rest.
  • Women who used marijuana “frequently”, whether to enhance their sexual experience or otherwise, were 2.10 times more likely to be satisfied with their sex life than those who used marijuana “infrequently”.

More details of the survey

The survey polled respondents with different marijuana habits:

  • Those who use it frequently before sex;
  • Those who use it frequently but not before sex; and
  • Non-marijuana users.

Although the exact timing of use prior to sex was not measured, participants reported their rate of usage — once or several times a day, week, month or year. The survey also allowed respondents to define what “sex” means to them.

The first segment of the survey focused on their satisfaction with the entirety of their sex life, from their libido to lubrication, orgasm, and dyspareunia, and their overall sex life. The following segment focused on marijuana use, including questions on the frequency of use and the effects of the drug on the various domains of their sex life.

The findings

Previous studies have established the existence of capacities in endocannabinoids to control sexual functions. Enodocannabinoids, which are neuron receptors dispersed across several areas of the brain, regulate hormones and neurotransmitters responsible for sexual functions. Although the exact nature of this relationship between endocannabinoids and sexual functions in humans is yet to be fully established, several studies involving rodents have shed light on it.

However, this study, along with a number of other studies, has unearthed anecdotal data of the perceived effects of cannabis on sexual functions. With a clear picture of how cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid system to improve sexual experiences, scientists can extrapolate solutions for numerous sex-related ails.

The Impact of marijuana on sex. Source

Although suggestions were drawn from the results, the findings were not concrete. For example, the researchers submit that there’s no knowledge on how cannabis use actually leads to positive changes, but that they can suggest that the improvement is a result of reduced stress and anxiety.

They also point out that cannabis use may slow the users “perception of time”, thereby prolonging sensations of pleasure. The intoxication may also boost confidence, making the user more open to experiments and removing sexual inhibitions. Cannabis may also heighten the user’s sensual perceptions, including touch, making for a more intense sexual experience.

Most significant were the women’s responses. The majority of those who use cannabis regularly reported “increases in sex drive, improvement in orgasm, decrease in pain, but no change in lubrication”.

Final words

Studies focusing on the effects of cannabis on sex are rare. However, users frequently report a better sex experience when under the influence on cannabis than when sober. This research supports that claim with actual data, concluding that cannabis use does appear to boost sexual “satisfaction with orgasm”. One of the most significant evidence lies in the fact that the female cannabis users in the study were twice as likely as the infrequent and non-users to actually report having “satisfactory orgasms”.

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