Alternatives to smoking Cannabis – Vapors and Bubblers

Why smoking Cannabis isn’t for everyone?

Cannabis has been around us for centuries. Regardless of geographic location, familiarity with the plant can be expected. However, this familiarity comes with differing opinions — some support its consumption, some don’t, and some straddle the fence, unsure of which solution is best.

The fact remains, though, that marijuana use has been around for a while and shows no signs of going away anytime soon. Instead, societies around the world are inching closer to full support of its legalization. With such increasing support comes pressure on governments, and so legalization is quickly becoming a trending legislative topic.

With legalization becoming a possibility, opponents are becoming more assertive in their opinions, broadcasting the negative effects of cannabis. Hardly any of those claims of negative effects are false. Marijuana is, in fact, a drug, and like all other drugs, it has negative effects on the human body. Some of these effects are temporary, others are permanent and/or life-threatening.

Proponents would respond to such talk by pointing out that the drug has several benefits that opponents cannot deny. In fact, the medical community, being a staunch opponent to outright legalization of the drug, supports its use by medical patients. Researchers and scientists all over the world have provided proof of several benefits of cannabis use, most pertaining to medical use. Thus, the argument is that these benefits far outweigh any risks.

There is also the fact that alcohol and tobacco, two undeniably fatal substances, are themselves legal. In 2017, there were 4,186 alcohol-related deaths in Australia. Yet, there is no uproar for banning alcohol.

Perhaps the most synonymous to cannabis consumption, however, is tobacco. The relation comes with the fact that marijuana is popularly consumed by smoking. With smoking comes harm. For example, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports that smoking tobacco means the consumption of over 7,000 chemicals, 70 of which cause cancer. Given the amount of cancer causing chemicals inhaled when smoked, it is no surprise that this is one of the most fatal substances in the world. Yet, there is no uproar for banning tobacco.

Most negative effects of cannabis consumption come when it is consumed the same way as harmful tobacco use — by smoking. Burning the plant releases chemicals that, when consumed, can increase the negatives of cannabis use. Here are some examples of those negative effects.

  • Affects the heart:
    The Nationwide Inpatient Sample reports that smoking cannabis is associated with heart failure, the risk of stroke, cardiac death, and coronary artery diseases.
  • Cancer:
    Prolonged smoking can lead to oral cancer and issues with the reproductive organs of both men and women.
Australia and Cannabis – How far is the progress? Source

With these problems linked to smoking cannabis, considering alternatives to smoking the substance may help reduce health issues.

Here are some of those alternatives:

What is a cannabis vapor and how does it work?

Vaping is the process of heating extracts or plant materials without using combustion and without destroying the plant. Given the vaping process’ lack of smoke, it’s considered the best possible option for those who are frequent users of cannabis.

Cannabinoids vaporize at 285oF, but no higher than 450oF. Vaping works by heating cannabis between these temperatures using the process of convention, conduction, or radiant heating. It also reduces the effect of secondhand smoke.

How is vaping different from smoking weed?

The primary and most significant difference between smoking and vaping is the lack of fire — the lack of smoke. Setting marijuana on fire (smoking) burns the plant to an astonishing 2000oF, which can harm the body. Compare this to the aforementioned 285oF to 450oF of vaping.

Also, when vaping is used, the cannabis consumed is said to feel “clean” and, apparently, emanates a better aroma and taste. A study by Donald I. Abram, M.D., concluded that consuming cannabis by vaporization reduces CO levels significantly when compared to smoking, and does not reduce the psychoactive effects (“high”) of THC.

The high of weed vaping Source

Final school of thoughts: Cannabis vaping reduces harsh effects on the throat and lungs, and other health risks, but does not reduce the “high”. It is a safe alternative to smoking marijuana.

What is Bubbler and how does it work?

Bubbler is a type of water pipe that falls in the category of bongs. However, bubblers have some advantages over bongs. One of those advantages is the combination of the portability of regular pipes, while allowing the seamless smoking experienced when using bongs. Bubblers are fast becoming a staple smoking equipment for recurrent users.

Using a bubbler for marijuana consumption is simple. The steps eliminate the need for complicated cannabis preparations necessary for conventional smoking. It is also said to provide a relaxed smoking experience that is unmatched. Also, because the smoke — or steam — inhaled is created by water, the harmful effects of burning cannabis in dry forms are reduced.

Final school of thoughts: Bubblers are ideal for those who want small and controlled cannabis consumption without expensive bongs and harmful chemical releases.

Who prefers these alternatives and why?

Vapors and bubblers are two of the most popular tools for cannabis consumption. Newer generations are more inclined to use these alternatives for several reasons, one of which is their portability which makes them easy to conceal.

Further, these alternatives are helpful for those who are conscious about their health as it reduces the harmful effects of traditional smoking.

Final Word — Searching for vapors and bubblers in Australia

Even though vaping and bubblers are legal in Australia, they seem impossible to find. One would imagine that, with the benefits these alternatives bring, along with their legal status, their availability would be widespread. However, that’s not the case. Although with the legalization of marijuana in trend, it’s likely that in the coming years, these alternatives will become available.

The harmful effects linked to cannabis use are mostly the health risks associated with smoking. Where there are alternatives that can reduce such health risks, it is only expected that those alternatives will be explored. Reducing health risks that are related to cannabis use will only serve to speed up its legalization, and so alternatives to smoking cannabis are certainly noteworthy.

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