What can you do to make recreational marijuana a reality?

recreational marijuana

Australia is changing its stance on marijuana, in different ways, in different States and Territories.

  • Victoria has become the first state to legalize medical weed for young kids fighting epilepsy.
  • NSW has also legalized marijuana for severe illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis and cancer.
  • Queensland has the most flexible laws, allowing patients of any age, fighting a range of diseases to use medical marijuana.

Tasmania lets people use medical marijuana in the cases when conventional treatments fail. Other states / Territories, including South Australia, NT, the ACT and Western Australia follow the footprints of Tasmania.

While medical marijuana legalization is an important step, many Cannabis-proponents and communities in Australia now want the government to legalize the recreational for recreational purpose as well. More Australians support the legalization of Cannabis for fun, than oppose it. Now is a good time for democracy to work in favor of those numbers.

Why should the Australian government think about legalizing recreational marijuana?

There are a number of reasons that Australians want to see Cannabis legalized.

  • It would save money and the attention of Law Enforcement Agencies:
    Instead of spending a considerable sum of money on enforcing marijuana law enforcement, doesn’t it make sense that the government saves itself from trouble by decriminalizing this culturally accepted substance that may boost the socio-economy growth of the country?
  • It would help the economy:
    With top nations, like the USA and Canada, generating sizable tax receipts by legalizing recreational weed, it seems obvious that legalizing in Australia the same would bring the Lucky Country on par with other nations in the world.
  • It would create jobs:
    The legal marijuana industry in Colorado introduced 18,000+ new full-time jobs in 2015 alone. Legal marijuana activity stimulates the economy as a whole, generating demand for physical goods such as lighting, irrigation equipment, and local services like lawyers, bookkeepers, etc.. Through what’s known as the Local Area Multiplier, this can lead to a boost in many other industries.
  • It’ll reduce the Black Market:
    Legalization will reduce the size of the black market and replace drug cartels by licensed and regulated dealers, saving the government huge troubles and money.

And, if you are a citizen who supports recreational cannabis in Australia, you can also contribute your vote and thoughts to the recreational weed legalization movements. Here’s how:

Educating yourself and others Is a good first step

  • Educate and disseminate:
    Start your journey by educating, first yourself and then, your friends and family on the topic. If you want to legalize recreational marijuana, it’s because you know its benefits. Take the time to listen to those who disagree with you and research the elements of their commentary that you find most difficult. Legalization is not a black and white recommendation – there are pros and cons. Our view is that everyone deserves the chance to have their say and that there is value in understanding the risks of legalization – policy makers can then include mitigation plans, should the drug ever be allowed.
  • Gather evidence:
    Gather the science supporting the reasons the government should say YES to recreational weed, while understanding the reasoning why the government is intolerant towards cannabis.
  • Join Other Weed-Activities in Your Region:
    You will find local weed advocacy groups exist in almost any part of the country. Go along to meetings and have a conversation with them. After all, an army of voices is much more effective than a single individual. Exchange your ideas, experience and information with the activities. Show up to weed-related events, they’re all opportunities for networking. Viewing the picture from many different perspectives and strengthen yours by attending these events. 
  • Sign a Petition:
    Create your own or add your signature to a detailed petition in support of recreational weed. Once signed by as many people as possible, submit the results to the respective policymaker in your state. Make sure you understand your jurisdiction clearly and develop a clear statement of your goal. Also, promote your petition by talking to people in-person, via email, and social media for the maximum number of signatures.

The Key Steps you can take

  • Reach Out To Your Politician:
    Contact your local parliamentary representatives and other politicians to communicate your positive stances towards recreational weed.. You can call them, meet them when they are in your constituency, write a letter or email them, whichever is best for you. Try to meet them in person, if possible. Face to face meetings are more effective in building relationships and communicating how passionately you feel.
  • Exercise your Voting Rights:
    The simplest and easiest way to support recreational marijuana is to be found in the humble vote. The Greens support legal cannabis for recreational use and there will be an election soon.

If you don’t vote green, bear in mind thatpoliticians are often more interested in talking about such issues during the the run up to the election. They want your vote and prefer supporting you for your vote. So, approach them straight and find out the views of your legislators. Reach out to as many politicians as possible.

Final Words

The legislation will only change when politicians know the public feel strongly that things should change. Voice your opinions and don’t settle for anything if you believe that recreational cannabis is a cause you support. Most leaders in the field believe that effecting change through politicians is the best way to communicate your wishes.

Responses from Australian Politicians We Wrote To

Tony Abbott MP was good enough to reply to the letter we wrote him, asking him to legalise Cannabis for recreational use. His handwriting at the bottom of the page says ‘I am happy for you to publish this letter’

Essentially, Mr Abbott’s view point seems to be I am against revising the law on illicit drugs because they are illicit.

I disagree with his view but I appreciate his preparedness to state it in response to a letter from one of his constituents.

responses from Australian politicians we wrote to

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Neil believes Cannabis has medical benefits and should be prescribed by a Doctor. This site aims to provide accurate information on the science and legality of Cannabis so you can make informed decisions.

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