Weed Pipe

What is a weed pipe?

There are many ways cannabis can be consumed, and every weed consumer has their own unique set of preferences. The different ways the psychoactive substance can be consumed enhance the overall experience. A weed pipe is just one of the many accessories for consuming cannabis.

Weed pipes are small devices — pipes — used for smoking cannabis. These pipes are no new invention, however; they’ve been around for centuries. Remains of pipes and tobacco leaves have been excavated alongside Egyptian sarcophagi dating as far back as 2000 BC.

Weed pipes come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and materials. Today, they’re mostly made out of:

  • Glass;
  • Metal;
  • Wood; and
  • Ceramics.

What can weed pipes be used for and who uses them?

Weed pipes are primarily used to smoke cannabis; hence their name. However, weed pipes can be used to consume dry smoking herbs such as tobacco, sage, and many others. Consumers interested in any of these herbs, including cannabis, might be interested in using a weed pipe.

What are the pros and cons of getting a weed pipe?

Like other methods, smoking cannabis with a weed pipe has its pros and cons. Here’s a quick look:

Pros of getting a weed pipe

  • Authentic flavour and aroma
    Pipes, especially glass pipes, don’t interfere with the flavour or aroma of the cannabis strain being smoked. Pipes allow consumers experience the weed in its purest form.
  • Stronger hits
    Cannabis consumers can expect to experience stronger hits with minimal tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) loss when consuming cannabis with weed pipes.
  • Unique accoutrements
    Weed pipes are a unique. They come in various shapes and sizes and are made of various materials as well. With weed pipes, cannabis consumers can have fun building novelty collections while consuming their favourite weed strain.
  • Easy to clean
    Pipes are easy to clean and maintain. They require no special skills.

Cons of getting a weed pipe

  • Breakable
    Weed pipes, particularly glass pipes, are notorious for breaking. Pipes may pose an inconvenience to cannabis consumers who aren’t very careful.
  • Heat
    Pipes may be too hot to handle while being used. This, however, is particular to metal pipes.
  • Consuming ash 
    Towards the end of the bowl, it’s possible to suck in some ash while trying to consume the last bits of cannabis. This is both an inconvenience and a horrible experience for most. 
  • Hits may be too hard for novice consumers
    Hits produced via glass pipes may be too hard. This is especially a problem for novice smokers, who should probably tread with caution when using glass weed pipes for the first time.
A packed glass weed pipe. As seen in the image above, the cannabis flower is evenly crushed, but doesn’t have to be fine. Source

How to pack a weed pipe?

Packing a weed pipe refers to loading the pipe with cannabis flower. It’s a simple preparation process — very straightforward. All you need is a pipe, a fire source like a lighter, hemp wick, etc., a weed grinder (optional), and some cannabis flower.

  • Step 1: Prepare the cannabis 
    Preparing the cannabis is an essential aspect of packing any weed pipe. Make sure the cannabis is evenly broken but not too finely crushed; if broken too finely, individuals risk inhaling dry flower. This can be done manually or with a grinder. Keep a stem or intact calyx aside, however — this will be used to pack the bottom of the bowl. 
  • Step 2: Insert cannabis into bowl 
    Place the stem/calyx at the bottom of the bowl and fill in with remainder cannabis. Pack cannabis very lightly at the bottom and heavier at the top. This will facilitate better airflow during inhalation.
  • Step 3: Apply heat and enjoy
    Apply heat to the top of the packed pipe, inhale and enjoy!

Final words: Why choose a weed pipe?

Weed pipes are great accessories with a unique set of benefits for cannabis consumer. Aside from being unique and aesthetic, weed pipes offer cannabis consumers the most authentic cannabis experience in terms of flavour and aroma. Unlike traditional smoking methods which like rolling papers, weed pipes are free of external influences on aroma and flavour. Overall, cannabis users find weed pipes to be a nice accessory to have — just take it easy on your first time around, the hits are a bit strong for beginners.

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