What is an Online Dispensary

What is a cannabis dispensary?

Cannabis dispensaries are stores that sell marijuana for medical use to patients, or recreational use to other customers within a legal setting. Dispensaries are regulated by the state in which they are located. These dispensaries sell marijuana, cannabis preparations and accoutrements needed to use cannabis. 

With cannabis legalisation trending worldwide, businesses are taking advantage of the dying stigma of cannabis use by creating innovative ways to provide cannabis products to end users and claim a piece of the massive $344 Bn global cannabis market. 

Cannabis market hit $344 Billion globally. src

What is an online dispensary?

Online cannabis dispensaries operate in a similar fashion to ‘brick and mortar’ cannabis dispensaries, the only difference being that they operate online. All online dispensaries do not operate in similar fashion. There are two broad categories, similar to their brick and mortar counterparts:

  • Medical dispensaries; and
  • Recreational dispensaries.

Medical dispensaries

Medical dispensaries, online and in-store alike, cater solely to patients who utilize marijuana as part of a treatment regimen. Studies suggest that marijuana can effectively treata number of ailments including cancer and mental health disorders, and its natural state, as well as limited side effects, make it a preferred alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals.

At medical dispensaries, patients gain access to marijuana and a number of benefits including information on new treatments and how to maximize their medication experience.

These dispensaries work in close proximity with the state in which they are situated, to build profiles around their customers. Many dispensaries are able to keep track of their patients’ prescriptions and orders, which in turn can maximize their satisfaction with the service.

Medical dispensaries are closely regulated and taxed differently than recreational cannabis dispensaries.

Recreational dispensaries – Online stores

Recreational dispensaries provide cannabis to individuals above the legal age for recreational cannabis consumption per state laws. In most states, cannabis is available recreationally to individuals 21 and older in stores and sometimes online.

There are many more recreational online dispensaries than there are medical ones. However, a number of online dispensaries cater to both recreational and medical customers.

Recreational dispensaries are often taxed heavier than medical dispensaries. In the state of California in the United States (US), recreational dispensaries procure sales taxes of up to 40% on cannabis and its preparations. These dispensaries are also known to have a wider variety of cannabis products than their medical counterparts.  

Recreational dispensaries can also be called online cannabis stores or adult-use cannabis stores.

Why choose an online dispensary ?

The use of online dispensaries offers cannabis consumers – both medical and recreational – a wide variety of advantages, including:

  • High Levels of Privacy
    The private and discreet nature of online dispensaries is one of its biggest appeals to cannabis consumers. Many cannabis consumers – especially recreational users – often prefer to keep their habits as discreet as possible. This is due to the stigma associated with the substance.With online dispensaries, the privacy of the consumer is held to the utmost ability. Unlike cannabis stores, you don’t need to be physically present at an online store.Many online dispensaries package their products in discreet packaging which can aid in throwing off nosy neighbours, friends or family.
  • Ease of access
    Cannabis consumers are able to access online dispensaries with ease. Unlike physical stores, these stores can be accessed with little to no preparation whatsoever. Simply open your choice browser, type in the store’s URL and get shop for cannabis products.Whether you’re in transit, at work, or in a different town, as long as you have an active internet connection and an internet capable device, you can access an online dispensary.
  • Promotions and sales
    The constant availability of promotional offers on online dispensaries is another reason why they are often preferred to physical stores.At these dispensaries, consumers can find all manner of promotional offers including;
    • Coupons
    • Discount codes
    • Package deals
    • Sales on selected productsSuch offers aid cannabis consumers in saving money – however little – while enjoying the substance to the fullest.
  • Knowledge of products
    A great deal of knowledge regarding cannabis and cannabis products is available at online dispensaries. Many online stores are operated alongside blogs which are chock full of educative material on cannabis and its preparations.Alongside blogs, many online stores offer live chats and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) segments which provide consumers with extra information as deemed necessary.

Final words

Cannabis dispensaries have taken business operations one step further. Now, cannabis dispensaries operate beyond physical stores and on the internet. These online dispensaries could strictly be medical dispensaries, or cater to both medical and recreational consumers. Check the laws in your area to be sure ordering cannabis online is permitted.

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