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The Climate for Cannabis in Townsville

Townsville is the fourth most populated city in Queensland. It is a coastal city, home to a number of attractions including The Reef Headquarters Aquarium, Billabong Sanctuary and The Strand. In line with Australian law, cannabis is illegal for recreational consumption in Townsville.

In Queensland, illicit substances are divided into schedules, and cannabis is classified as a Schedule 2 substance. It is curious to note that under the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1986not only is the possession of cannabis a crime but also the position of cannabis related paraphernalia. This is inclusive of items such as;

  • Bongs;
  • Pipes;
  • Ash Trays;
  • Hemp wraps and;
  • Instructions on how to grow cannabis.

If caught in the possession of drug paraphernalia, an individual is liable to face a maximum of two years in prison. If caught in possession of less than 500 grams of cannabis, the maximum sentence applicable is 15 years. Once caught in possession of more than 500 grams, a maximum sentence of 20 years can be served.

Fines can be issued for all marijuana offences relating to possession, however, this is based on the court’s jurisdiction. It is important to note that these particular laws are only applicable to recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana can be accessed via the Special Access Scheme. Individuals who need access to medical marijuana must meet the requirements of one of three categories as listed in the Special Access Scheme. On fulfilling these requirements, the individual will be granted a medical marijuana license and access to medical dispensaries across Australia.

A peaceful cannabis rally hosted at Flagstaff, Townsville, Australia. src

What is the Safest Way to Consume Cannabis in Townsville?

Following the legalisation of cannabis and societies across the world, more research has become available concerning the safety of cannabis consumption methods. Some methods of consuming cannabis are healthier than others.

According to a report offered by, there are four major methods in which cannabis can be consumed. These methods are;

  • Inhalation
  • Orally
  • Sublingually
  • Topically

Of the methods of cannabis consumption available to individuals in Townsville, the safest methods are oral and sublingual consumption. Cannabis can be infused into food and drink via cannabis oils which can be sourced in Townsville. There are a number of medical marijuana suppliers including Burleigh Heads Cannabis (BHC) which supply cannabis oil and flower. Cannabis oil can be in fused into food and drinks. Cannabis flower, on the other hand, can be infused directly into meals or used to create cannabis butters and oils for cooking. If people do not want to infuse their oils into food and drink, they can be administered sublingually.

New Cannabis Products You Can Find in Townsville

The presence of medical marijuana suppliers in Queensland such as Burleigh Heads Cannabis are developing new and innovative cannabis products. One such products is cannabis crystal. Obtained from the trichomes of the cannabis plant, these crystals are pure cannabis concentrates which appear like salts. They are 99% pure — meaning they contain no substances besides cannabis. Cannabis crystals can be inhaled as they are or through vapourisers.

What is the Police’s Attitude towards Cannabis and 420 in Townsville?

As reported in the Herald Sun, police officers often turn a blind eye to marijuana consumption at ‘420 Picnics’. In certain cases — including a picnic hosted by cannabis enthusiast Matt Riley in 2017 — police are on ground to supervise the events. This is usually done in order to make sure that cannabis enthusiasts do not smoke at these events. Cannabis consumption is still a crime under Australian law.

Are There Any Recent Change in how the Country Perceives Cannabis?

Over the last decade, Australians have become more receptive to the idea of recreational cannabis consumption. Statistics offered by the National Drug Strategy Household Survey hold that large percentage of Australians support the decriminalisation and medical use of cannabis. As time goes on, a growing number have come to support full legalisation. Despite opinion polls expressing the massive support for decriminalisation, Australian cannabis laws are still lagging far behind. Some politicians — like Richard Di Natale of the Green Party — seek to have cannabis stripped of its illegal status. In similar intensity, Vickie Chapman, South Australian Attorney Attorney-General announced her desire to quadruple cannabis fines for people found in possession of more than a small amount of cannabis. It may be a while till the government has a unified approach to this complex plant.

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