Metal Grinders

Why are metal grinders useful for cannabis?

A metal grinder is a device used to shred cannabis buds into fine contents for your joint, edible, or other cannabis product. It usually consists of two cylindrical halves, each with different formations of teeth and pegs that shred the cannabis when both halves are rotated in opposite directions. They are made of different materials, including metal and plastic, sporting various designs and colors.

Some metal grinders come with up to four compartments that shred cannabis to varying degrees. These models usually come with fine screens between the bottom and top compartments to filter out the kief (marijuana trichomes). They also sift out bad chunks and pieces of stalks to further smoothen the ground buds.

Grinders are easy to find, as well as legal. They can be purchased online or in stores. This is because the are sold as spice and herb grinders, which make them perfectly legal in places where cannabis is illegal, as long as they don’t have cannabis particles or shake.

When are they useful for Cannabis users?

With metal grinders, you can obtain fine particles of cannabis whenever you want to consume it. They can be useful for just about any method of consumption, from joints to vapingbongs, edibles, and more.

As such, they always present a much better way of grinding weed than traditional methods. Finer weed particles blend with other food ingredients more consistently, and make for joints that burn better, enhancing the consumer experience.

What do they cost?

Given their usefulness, it’s prudent for cannabis users to invest in metal grinders. Fortunately, good quality metal grinders are inexpensive, and you can find one for as low as $7. But the prices can go as high as $50 per grinder.

How to use one?

Having a good metal grinder isn’t a guarantee that you’ll always churn out fine particles of marijuana every time you use it. You need to learn how to properly make use of the grinder. However, the learning curve isn’t that steep.

The following are a few tips that can help you make the best use of your metal grinder:

  • Always ensure that the weed is evenly distributed inside the grinder.
  • After placing the weed and locking the lid, spin the lid carefully.
  • After every 10 rotations, pause to remove the lid and try breaking up any large mold manually, and then replace the lid and continue. This helps ensure that no particles are stuck between the teeth and that the grounded marijuana has an even consistency.

The 3 best types

1. Platinum grinders with pollen catcher

Made of aircraft grade aluminum with a scratch-resistant black ionized finish, this is a cool, solid metal grinder to carry about on the go. With nearly 50 diamond-shaped teeth, a Poly O ring for smoother grinding, and a stainless steel mesh screen, the product is essentially a mini grinding powerhouse.

Platinum grinders with diamond-shaped teethsrc

In addition, the lid comes with neodymium magnets that prevent spillage and keep your cannabis fresh. It also sports contours on the top and bottom to enhance your grip while grinding.

2.  Zip Grinders

This is an elegant, heavily-built metal grinder made with aerospace grade aluminum and a transparent lid. It comes with top-notch features that allow for seamless grinding, including 49 diamonds shaped teeth, a 100-micron mesh screen, a pollen scraper tool, as well as a window that allows you to monitor amounts grounded without having to open the chamber.

Zap grinder is larger aluminum-based metal grinders. src

Its larger size means you can use it to grind much larger quantities of weed at a time. But you also have the option to remove the middle chamber to make it more portable and easy to carry.

3.  Chromium Crusher

This is a hot contender for the best metal grinder in the 4-piece category. It’s made from a sturdy zinc alloy. It comes with a mesh screen and pollen scraper for you to collect fine pollen with. It also comes with a transparent lid that’s embedded with a magnet. The magnet holds the lid in place to prevent spillage, while the transparency of the lid makes it easier to spot large ungrounded particles.

Chromium Crusher comes with a handle that’s turned to easily grind its cannabis contents. src

To make it easier to carry out the grinding motion, the product features a mill handle. This can be highly expedient, especially for medical marijuana patients suffering from ailments that limit body movement such as arthritis.

Final words

Grinders are essential to cannabis use, as they shred buds into fine particles that burn better and feel better. They make things a lot easier, and preserve the potency of cannabis when compared to manually breaking down buds with your hands — that causes the bud’s potency to reduce, rubbing off on your hands. Grinders come in a variety of materials, but metal grinders are the most sturdy and durable. However, they can be difficult to clean, and so proper cleaning procedures are especially important.

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