Compact Scales

Compact (Small) scales (to weigh things)

Looking to eliminate margins of error when measuring cannabis? Think digital compact scales. A top-notch compact scale can serve you in various instances. With its laser-focused measurement, you can keep a weather-eye on a dealer you think is doing funny business, or do away with excess quantities to prevent exceeding possession or consumption limits, as well as dosage limits.

Compact scales come in handy for both cannabis businesses and consumers. src

As full-fledged cannabis business or someone who handles large quantities of marijuana frequently, these compact scales will always come in handy.

Given the critical utility you might expect a compact scale to deliver, there are some crucial factors to keep in mind when considering them for cannabis. Some of these are quite obvious, but nonetheless critical.

Here’s all you need to know about compact scales for cannabis measurements.

What are compact scales for, where cannabis is concerned?

Portable digital scales can serve cannabis users both at home and on the go. However, they usually come with low measurement limits (some as low as 5 grams, others as high as 500 grams or even higher, in some cases). Medium-duty scales are more suitable for industrial purposes and larger measurements.

Nevertheless, both types carry out measurements with high precision. However, pocket-sized digital scales (with sizes similar to smartphones) are more suitable for personal use, as they are more portable and come with minimal features.

Moreover, there are provisions to extend the surface area of some portable digital scales to weigh larger quantities of cannabis. Some digital scales come with an extension tray feature, with a “tare” button that subtracts the weight of the extension tray from the final measurement when the tray is used to load more cannabis on the scale.

For those that don’t come with such extension trays, the tare function is still functional. All that’s requires is your own tray, plate, cup, or the likes, placed on the scale’s weight surface. The tare function then subtracts the weight of the item to 0, and weighs the cannabis added afterwards.

When are they useful for cannabis users?

Compact scales can come in handy at various instances:

  • They can help you determine the exact dollar-per-gram rate offered by a dealer for better price comparison.
  • They can help you avoid getting cheated by a dealer.
  • As growers, you can find them handy when checking how much you’ve grown.
  • They can also help you stay on top of your consumption rate, including the quantities you use in edibles.
  • With a compact scale at your disposal, you can always check to ensure that the quantities you carry about do not exceed possession limits in your area.

Analogue or digital?

If you’re fine with just taking measurement, then an analogue scale can do. However, digital scales are as useful as analogue ones, plus they offer a whole lot more.

For one, they’re more precise, since they determine measurements down to decimals. Many digital scale models also come with extra functions such as the discussed ‘tare’ function, which eliminates from final measurements the weight of other materials placed together with cannabis buds. They also display the measurements in bold numbers, and come with background lights, which make for easier reading.

Digital scales offer more features in addition to the ones found in analogue scales. src

However, unlike analogue scales, digital scales need to be powered through batteries or a power source, which means extra costs.

How accurate are they?

There are some purposes that require greater accuracy in cannabis measurements than others. As such, analogue scales, which are less accurate, can, do in many cases where great accuracy isn’t mandatory.

However, some digital scale models can help you measure as low as 0.1 grams. And there are others that can measure even lower – as low as 0.01 grams. This can be highly useful when the units of quantities to be measured are to be converted – for instance, when converting ounces to grams (1 ounce equals approximately 28.35 grams).

What do they cost?

E-commerce has made compact scales more readily available and pocket-friendly. Sophisticated compact scales that cost hundreds of dollars some decades ago are now available only for a fraction of the cost – as low as $20, even less.

These online prices of compact digital scales are also generally lower than prices in brick and mortar stores. For instance, you can find a high-quality compact scale on Amazon for $30, whereas you can pay up to $80 in brick-and-mortar stores. 

Final words

Whether a cannabis dealer or consumer, compact scales are handy accessories. Avoid getting cheated by paying for lesser quantities than you agreed on by checking your cannabis with a digital scale. It also helps determine accurate doses as well as measurements for cannabis recipes, and helps compare between different dispensaries integrity.

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