Cannabis Lighters

All you need to know about cannabis lighters

In 2016, about 234 million people consumed cannabis worldwide. These statistics are rapidly growing, especially for those who smoke the drug, as opposed to other methods of consumption.

Total number of cannabis users globally, from 2008 to 2016. src

With a rapid increase in the number of people who smoke cannabis, the demand for smoking accessories is also growing. From pipes and vaping products to cannabis lighters, these sales are booming at a fast rate.

Among all these accessories, cannabis lighters are a necessity, making them highly in demand. They enable users to light up and smoke at any time they want.

There are many cannabis lighters to choose from, just as there are hundreds of choices of pipes. Some lighters run on butane, while newer innovations feature a convenient electronic construction that recharges like your smartphone on a USB cord.

Guide to buying cannabis lighter

There are many important factors to consider when purchasing your cannabis lighter. First, determine the amount of lighter fluid it uses. Smaller cannabis lighters might not contain much lighter fluid, causing them to run out after a short period of time.

Next, you should consider the design of the cannabis lighter you are considering. Many attractive designs are available on the market, and so finding one that appeals to you should be quite easy.

Because most cannabis users purchase lighters with attractive designs, chances are someone might steal your lighter in the long run. It’s also possible to misplace your lighter or loan it out to someone who never returns it. Considering these facts, it may be wise to choose a basic lighter with a simple design in addition to your attractively designed lighter. That way, you can carry your basic lighter around on occasions where it might end up lost.

Cannabis smokers also want to buy a lighter that is very easy to use. Some lighters run on a spinner and flint, while others come with flip buttons. Your choice of purchase, in this case, depends solely on your preference.

Different types of cannabis lighters

Several types of lighters can be used for smoking cannabis.

Hemp wicks are for those who don’t prefer using butane. These are immersed in beeswax for a great source of combustion, and very popular among cannabis smokers. The best method of transporting hemp wick is wrapping it around the base of a cannabis lighter, using its spark to light the wick.

Wrapping your hemp wick around your lighter makes it easier to transport. src

Flame-free lighters are new in the industry and getting very popular among cannabis smokers. These lighters don’t have any flame or fuel, and they are available in a variety of designs. These are also known as windproof and use arcs or plasma coils. These lighters will heat up to very high temperatures, lighting up a glass pipe or rolled joint filled cannabis. They provide a great cannabis experience to everyone, from beginners to seasoned smokers.

Glass wands or greevo sticks are unique marijuana lighters designed for travellers, given how convenient they are to carry around. Just heat up the wand until it’s very hot and allow it to cool for a few seconds. Next, press the wand into your pipe to get immediate combustion. These efficient cannabis lighters heat cannabis up to its combustion level point, and smoke is directed into the lighter.

What are the best cannabis lighters?

Some of the best cannabis lighters you can buy are:

  • Tesla Coil flameless lighters USB rechargeable
    Tesla Coil cannabis lighters offer a flameless solution to lighting up cannabis. It is a wonderful accessory if you are having a joint smoke-and-go. This USB rechargeable lighter can last weeks once fully recharged.Boasting a fire-less design, this lighter is windproof and environmentally and economically friendly.
  • Plazmatic X cannabis lighter
    The Plazmatic X cannabis lighter is another flameless option, but with an advanced rechargeable feature. Having an iconic purple hued X with two high-tech electric beams, this “windproof and environmentally friendly alternative to the classic plastic lighter is a great choice. Perfect for firing up a cannabis joint, blunt or bowl, it lets smokers enjoy the drug anytime they want conveniently.
  • The Wick Light
    The Wick Light offers a solution that makes cannabis taste even better while keeping your classic brand-name lighter from dying out.This organic lighter holds a light of a mini BIC size and a spool of four feet of organic hemp cord.

Final words

Lighters are necessary for those who smoke cannabis. They present a portable, simple way to light up on the go. While buying cannabis lighter, avoid confusing yourself by looking at hundreds of brands and designs. Instead, consider your budget and preferences to buy a lighter that best fits your needs.

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