Cannabis Ash Trays

Why every Cannabis smoker needs an ash tray?

An ash tray is indispensable to good smoking etiquette. Ashtrays are a neat, discrete tool to collect ash, as opposed to littering your surroundings with bits of your favorite joints while smoking. While many cannabis smokers don’t consider ashtrays a necessity, these accessories can be put to use every time a marijuana cigarette (or “joint”) is smoked.

With ashtrays, you can save yourself the headache of cleaning up after you smoke. That means you won’t have to worry about leaving behind a mess of ash and roaches any time you puff a joint. Ashtrays can also help curtail the stench of scattered cannabis ash, since they gather the ash together in one place. Some even come with lids to cover the ash, while others tackle bad stench with nectarous scents.

Ashtrays come in a myriad of shapes and sizes; you’ll be spoilt for choices. You can find chic designs that spruce up your dining space, or rustic designs that promote the masculine finish in your personal library. There are so many choices that suit any personality and decors, and we tell you all about this important smoking accessory here.

What do they cost?

If all you want from an ashtray is to hold your ash, then products at the low end of the price scale will do. But if you would love your ashtray to add a little aesthetic flair to your personal space as well as your overall smoking experience, you may have to pay a little more for an ashtray.

At the low end of the price scale, you can find products selling for as low as $7. For trays with more elegant designs, you may have to spend double — at least $15 — or even as much as $80. You can buy them in just about any location, regardless of the legal status of cannabis in an area. Since they’re not necessarily only used for smoking cannabis, they’re not subject to prohibition laws.

But be that as it may, you’ll most likely find better deals at online stores such as Amazon and Esty than in brick and mortar shops.

The 3 best types

As noted earlier, you might be overwhelmed by choices when considering an ashtray. Since design and price are the two main factors to consider when buying, we’ve selected the three best products based on those.

Given the wide price spectrum of ashtrays, we’ve decided to select the best products based on the low, mid and high price end.

1. Cannabis Leaf Ashtray: The best budget tray

Cannabis Leaf Ashtray is an el cheapo alternative with a blatant leaf design. src

Any pot lover who isn’t afraid of showing off their cannabis habits will love to have this product handy at all times. It’s made of high-grade glass, and brandishes a message that gets you itching to light up a doobie.

For a price tag of about $13 (maybe less), you can have this awesome piece of glassware at your disposal.

2. Pink and White Inside-Out Dish: The best mid-range ashtray

Pink and White Inside-Out Dish: A mid-range option that also serves as as a holder for concentrates. src

With a striking look of a fresh spring rose, this ashtray makes your smoking habits even more adorable. It’s a great alternative for people looking to keep their smoking habits discrete.

As a piece of decor, this ashtray will leave a good impression on anyone’s mind. Moreover, the ashtray also doubles as a concentrate holder, so it doesn’t waste space in case you’re running short of space in your apartment. The double function also makes it easier for you to indulge in your smoking preferences.

This one comes in at around $38.

3. Minimalist Concrete & Copper Ashtray: The Best High-End Ashtray

Minimalist Concrete & Copper Ashtray: A high-end ashtray with sublime elegance. src

Coming in at a staggering $80 or more, this one strikes a brilliant balance between elegance and a minimalist design. It’s ideal for just about any class of smokers, for those who’re proud to show off their cannabis habits and those who’re reluctant to do so.

What’s more, the ashtray comes in multiple designs, allowing you to choose a design that blends effortlessly with the lighting and décor in your home or office.

Final words

Ash trays are important to the clean smoker, and should be to all smokers. The good news is that they come in a wide range of prices, and so whatever your budget is, you can probably afford an ashtray. The also come in varying designs and are legal to purchase and use. Therefore, even in a region where cannabis is illegal, ashtrays are very much available and legal.

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