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Currently, you can only obtain cannabis legally for medicinal purposes in Sydney, not for recreational use. Residents of Sydney can also legally obtain products infused with CBD (cannabidiol), an active component of cannabis which delivers numerous medicinal benefits without inducing the marijuana’s trademark high. The whole plant itself remains outlawed in Sydney, except for low-psychoactive cannabis seeds.

A modification to the Food Standards law that took effect from November 12, 2017, allows for the trade of these low-psychoactive cannabis seeds nationwide, although various jurisdictions are allowed to determine just how low the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinoid) content (the psychoactive compound) of the legal seeds should be.

Currently, the law in Sydney only allows you to buy low-THC seeds and products. src

As such, you may be penalized if caught by Sydney authorities, in possession of cannabis products with THC contents higher than the legal limits.

What happens if you’re caught in possession of high-THC cannabis in Sydney?

Legally, you can only obtain cannabis products with a legitimate prescription from a certified doctor in Sydney. You might be prosecuted for doing otherwise. Minor offenders may be fined on the spot, depending on the quantity. Fines for minor offenders can range from AUD$150 to 300.

Nonetheless, the enforcement of prohibition laws is very lax in Sydney, so minor offenders are hardly ever prosecuted. That’s because law enforcement in Sydney generally regard possession of small quantities as a “victimless crime”. As such, the source of the cannabis product you buy does matter a lot — not in the eyes of enforcement officials, but in terms of its quality, which determines whether a small amount will have a significant impact on your body.

Where do cannabis products sold in Sydney come from?

The law stipulates the type of cannabis products that you can buy legally in Sydney. It also stipulates the requirements that Aussie cannabis producers must meet in order to get a license to produce.

However, due to the laxity of enforcement, Sydney residents can obtain cannabis products that do not come from vetted producers. As such, the cannabis products you can find in Sydney come from random local and international producers. And since the illicit cannabis markets are not regulated by the authorities, you might need to experiment with different sellers to find those who can sell you products with the quality that suits your needs.

How much do cannabis products cost in Sydney?

The cost of cannabis products in the black market generally depends on the sellers. On the low end, you can be lucky to buy a gram of dried buds for as low as AUD$15, while on the high end, a gram in Sydney can sell for as much as AUD$30.

Where can you buy cannabis in Sydney?

It can be nearly impossible for you to obtain legal cannabis products quickly in a pharmacy through the prescription of a certified doctor. The process usually involves a number of steps that take some time. The illicit black market is the easiest way to get your cannabis supply in Sydney. You’ll easily find dealers around street corners, and where that proves difficult, you can ask around for dealers in places where inebriants are sold, such as bars and liquor shops. You don’t need to feel awkward in doing so, as the stigma on the drug has been rolled back significantly nationwide, especially in Sydney, with support for legalisation on an upward trend.

Support for cannabis legalisation is on an upward trend while the opposition for the idea continues to decrease. Source: Cannabisexpress

You might want to steer clear of online dealers who claim to deliver cannabis products to customers at their doorsteps. If you do look around online, you might find complaints of people who’ve been ripped off by such sites.

What can you expect from cannabis product?

Depending on the type of strain or product that you opt for, the following are the typical benefits you can expect from cannabis products:

  • Pain relief
  • Relief from stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Anti-tumor effects.
  • Melioration of cancer-related symptoms, including vomiting and nausea caused by chemotherapy.
  • Treatment of acne.
  • Improvement of heart and lung health
  • Prevention of diabetes.

Possible side effects

Depending on your health condition and unique body chemistry, cannabis products may bring about certain unwanted health effects, including:

  • Short-term memory loss
  • Debilitation of psychotic conditions such as bipolar disorders and psychosis
  • Smoked cannabis might give rise to health risks generally associated with smoking.

Final words

Australia legalised cannabis for medical use in 2016, making the drug legal for that purpose in Sydney as well. However, marijuana use remains illegal throughout the country if its purpose is recreational, and accessing the drug for medical use is not immediate — it takes time, given the prescription approval process. Despite its illegality for recreational use, however, marijuana is easily accessible via the black market. Illegal dealers can be found easily and purchasing whatever amount you wish can be fairly easy and immediate. You would be wise to note that although Sydney authorities can be lenient in cannabis possession cases, they are authorized to prosecute you and can do so severely in cases where the amount is large.

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