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The Global 420 Movement

On the 20th of April every year, cannabis enthusiasts from around the globe unite in celebration of cannabis. This is cannabis culture’s very own holiday, and it is called 420.

420 — often referred to as ‘Christmas’ for cannabis consumers — is a day where cannabis enthusiasts celebrate their love for cannabis while advocating for cannabis rights in society. Enthusiasts come together in groups to rally, protest and smoke as one community, showing support for the plant and campaigning against government laws in the area. 

Following the trend of legalisation of cannabis for recreational use in various countries and communities across the world, cannabis enthusiasts and become more vocal in their desire to see the same happen in Australia.

Every year, rallies, picnics and protests are held in cities around the world. One of the most notable 420 rallies in Brisbane was organised by Free Cannabis Queensland in 2017. Hosted at Orleigh Park in Brisbane’s West End, the rally included numerous side attractions such as a barbecue, movies and music by Gold Coast reggae legends the Satisvibes. It also featured comic relief by comedian Sam Bowden.

Pro- legalisation individuals at a protest in Queensland. src

New Cannabis Products you can find in Brisbane

In Queensland, as with most of the rest of Australia, cannabis can only be accessed for medical purposes via the Special Access Scheme. By registering under the scheme, individuals are granted medical marijuana licenses which allow them to purchase the substance from registered dispensaries.

Queensland is home to Australian medical cannabis supplier Burleigh Heads Cannabis (BHC). BHC seeks to provide affordable, time-tested natural cannabinoid medicine to individuals who need it. Their primary focus is providing quality products and services to those who require them.

At Burleigh, they provide four main product types;

  • Cannabis Oils – carrier oils infused with cannabinoids such a cannabinol (CBD)
  • Gel Capsules – Gel capsules provide a more precise dosage of cannabis oils. These are especially beneficial to older or visually impaired individuals.
  • Cannabis Flower – Cannabis flowers ready to be inhaled via a vapouriser. These flowers come either milled – ready to be inhaled – or unmilled – flowers which need to be cut up before placing in a vapouriser.
  • Cannabis Crystals –  Cannabis crystals are pure, salt-like forms of cannabis. They are 99% pure –  they usually contain no substances besides cannabis – and can be inhaled as is or via vapourisers.

How to find like-minded individuals in Brisbane

Given the legal status of cannabis in Australia, a large number of cannabis consumers have opted to keep their habits a secret from many around them. Aside from the legal status of the substance, there is still a lot of stigma against Australians associated with using cannabis products. Statistics show that a growing percentage of Australians have become more receptive to the idea of using cannabis; especially for medical purposes. While societal acceptance is indeed growing, there is still a large percentage who remain adamant on their views against cannabis — including the Australian government.

Nevertheless, individuals who share similar support for cannabis can primarily be found on social media forums such as Facebook and Reddit. These platforms have thriving communities and organise events such as picnics, rallies and even peaceful protests. An example of such Facebook platforms is Free Cannabis Queensland. At events organised by these platforms, cannabis consumers can find a sense of community by being around like-minded individuals.

Can the Recent Changes in How the Country Perceives Cannabis Warrant a Change in Law?

Governments seek to reinvent laws due to changes in public opinion. This is one of the principles of democracy; creating laws which consider the opinions of the general populace. It is also what gets a political party elected.

Despite the shifts in public opinion, very little has been done to change the situation of cannabis within the country. So far, there is no telling if and when the Australian government will reinvent the national laws on cannabis. Australians can only wait, and perhaps find other like-minded people to share the wait.

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Neil believes Cannabis has medical benefits and should be prescribed by a Doctor. This site aims to provide accurate information on the science and legality of Cannabis so you can make informed decisions.

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