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Understanding Cannabis Culture and 420

Cannabis culture is a thriving set of principles and practices particular to cannabis enthusiasts in small groups and around the world. As defined by Maximum Yield, “Cannabis culture is a term used to describe a shared set of beliefs, ideals, and practices among marijuana enthusiasts”. The most popular of all cannabis related holidays is 420.

On the 20th of April every year, cannabis enthusiasts come together in celebration of the plant and its products. The celebrations can range from picnics and get-togethers to peaceful protests and rallies in support of the legalisation of cannabis.

Following the legalisation of cannabis in numerous countries and communities worldwide, cannabis consumers have become increasingly vocal about their desire to see cannabis stripped of its illegal status.  420 is a chance for supporters to unite and share their passion, as well as becoming a visible presence in support for marijuana legalisation.

A 420 picnic showing peaceful protesters leaning on the grass. src

A quick look at cannabis laws in Adelaide

Many people believe that cannabis is legal within South Australia, and therefore Adelaide residents should be allowed to possess and use cannabis products. However, that is not the case. According to the Controlled Substances Act of 1984 the possession, use and distribution of cannabis is a punishable offence. SA, however, allows police to handle small cannabis offences in a different way. According to the Expiation of Offences Act 1996, Police officers can issue a fine to individuals caught in possession of cannabis and this fine must be paid within 28 days. This fine is given instead of prosecution.

Have There Been Any Notable 420 Celebrations in Adelaide?

Unlike cities such as Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, there have been no notable 420 picnics or rallies held in Adelaide so far. However, that doesn’t mean there is no existing cannabis community within the city. Adelaide is home to online cannabis community Club 420 Adelaide. With over 3,000 likes and followers, Club 420 stays at the forefront of cannabis-related topics in the city. However, there is no telling whether the club is still functional and holding meetings because their online presence is currently reduced, with no new posts for a number of years.

As the cannabis community becomes more and more vocal across Australia, it will come as no surprise if in the near future 420 celebrations are a regular occurrence in Adelaide.

How to Avoid Suspicion When Engaging in Covert 420 Operations?

For cannabis consumers and enthusiasts in every corner of the globe, 420 is a day worth celebrating. In many cases individuals come together to consume cannabis in public in honour of the holiday. Although done in goodwill, consuming cannabis in public in communities where it is illegal can land offending individual steep fines and jail sentences. In order to keep yourself away from the brunt of the law while enjoying the holiday, you can;

  • Act Natural
    When seen at a 420 events, people are already a “suspect” In the eyes of the law. By exhibiting nervous traits, individuals locked themselves in as targets for law-enforcement operatives. The best thing to do when attending is to act as naturally as possible. If approached by a law-enforcement operative, do not exhibit nervous traits but instead talk casually and calmly.
  • Don’t Consume Cannabis in Public
    It is possible to celebrate cannabis and advocate for its legalisation without breaking the law. The consumption of cannabis should be avoided in public events such as picnics and rallies, especially as fines and penalties will apply and the police could be extra vigilant at these times.

What Could the Future Hold for Adelaide Cannabis Communities?

South Australia is a relatively peaceful city for cannabis consumers. Interestingly, South Australia was the first state to decriminalise the possession of cannabis in 1996. Although the cannabis community does not seem to be outwardly thriving in comparison to the communities in Perth and Sydney, the cannabis community in Adelaide is still present. We only hope that they become vocal in the joined quest for legalisation.

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Neil believes Cannabis has medical benefits and should be prescribed by a Doctor. This site aims to provide accurate information on the science and legality of Cannabis so you can make informed decisions.

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