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When did weed vapes appear for the first time?

It all started when the pioneer brand NJOY, an Arizona-based company, was founded in 2006. The company introduced some of the first commercialized vaporizer e-cigarettes. NJOY’s flagship product was Kings, a vaporizer that bore a striking resemblance to cigarettes. The product had a faux tan-brown paper filter at the rear-end of the white tube which replicates the cigarette filter, but only in terms of optics. The tip also lit up during the inhaling action.

NJOY’s 2006 vapes. src

Back then, when it was first introduced to the markets, vaping as an alternative to smoking seemed like an impractical idea. More than a decade later, however, it has now become all the rage. Today, there is a vast variety of vaping devices, as well as modes of application, swarming the markets.

Nearly a decade ago, when cannabis users first began catching on, vaping devices constituted only 5 percent of sales across dispensaries. But today, they constitute nearly 75% in places like California And as vapes continue to bask in popularity, they’re expected to match — or even surpass — flowers by 2022, in terms of sales figures.

Who uses weed vapes? Why do they use them?

Vaporizers are excellent self-medication devices for those who want to maintain proper cannabis dosage. Some vaping devices are pocket-sized, pre-dosed, self-contained modules that allow you to consume a specific dose of the drug at the appropriate time without inconveniencing yourself or others. These facts increase their global popularity.

The global vaping market. src

Nevertheless, there are a many other reasons why users have embraced weed vapes. Here are some of them:

  • Minimize health risks associated with smoke: 
    Vaping uses a process that heats the chemical components of dry herbs or oil to the point where they turn to vapour that can be inhaled. This avoids the toxins which produced by smoke inhaled from joints.
  • Sharper high: 
    The toxins you inhale when smoking marijuana can bring about irritable effects like burning sensations in the throat, as well as watery eyes. But since vaping prevents these toxins, you’ll most likely get a cleaner high. You can also regulate your vaping temperature in order to draw up specific contents of the oil or dry herb you’re vaping. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) vaporizes at 157 C (Celsius), while CBD (Cannabidiol) vaporizes at 180 C.
  • Less odor: 
    If you’re one who’s always wary of making a bad impression, then vaporizers can help you consume cannabis without smelling like marijuana. That’s because the odor from vaping does not last beyond 15 minutes.
  • Portability: 
    Vapes are usually pocket sized (vape pens), making them easier to conceal while carrying them around in public places.

Are weed vapers better for your health than smoking?

Results from several reports show that vaping is much safer than smoking. This is mainly due to the fact that the heat applied to the contents of the vape does not combust the contents. Instead, the heat vaporizes only specific components. When smoking the traditional way, the user inhales particles from the joint’s wrapping paper which result in carcinogens and other substances that can cause respiratory issues.

While smoking heats the contents to 600 – 900 C, vaporizers typically work with temperatures between 160-230 C. However, when compared to vaping oil, there are some downsides — as the vaping oils contain artificial additives like polyethylene glycol, or cannabis terpenes, they turn into carcinogens when exposed to relatively low temperatures.

What do people have against weed vapers?

  • A tricky learning curve: 
    Vaporizers need to be adjusted appropriately to serve you well. If you don’t have a good grasp of how a vape works, you might end up destroying the contents. However you can always search the internet or ask a budtender to clarify any questions you might have concerning the use of the product.
  • Toxic substances: 
    Due to the lax regulations on waxing oil concentrates, some producers may decide to throw in whatever toxic chemicals together with cannabis extracts in their products as they deem fit.
  • Defect rates: 
    Electrical conductivity issues and dysfunctional cartridges are some prevalent issues that producers need to address in the markets today. Some vape pens have been reported to explode, literally.

Final words

Weed vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular. With the cannabis legalization trend becoming a reality, the popularity of cannabis accessories are bound to increase even more. Vaporizers carry a lot of advantages over traditional smoking — chief among them is the lack of smoke, and thus the lack of carcinogens inhaled that can affect the respiratory system. However, be sure to get a quality vape, because some malfunction. Some CBD oils also release toxins, so flower vapes are better in some cases.

If you’re living in a place where there is still a ban on marijuana, you may need to hold on a little longer to lay your hands on a weed vape. However, in places where cannabis is legal, you can get vaporizers at dispensaries and marijuana outlets, or even from city slackers. It’s also notable that vape pens are not always illegal where marijuana is. This is because they are, for the most part, variations of e-cigarettes. A good vaping product costs an average of $250. Vape pens and other vaporizer devices can also be purchased online. Do your research well, before deciding on a particular weed vaporizer.

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