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The current legalisation trend is changing everything about the cannabis market

Legal cannabis is the current trending topic, given the string of cannabis legalisations for both medical and recreational use. Several states in the United States have legalised the drug for personal use, along with Uruguay and, most recently, Canada. In 2016, Australia joined the trend, legalising the plant for medical use, while New Zealand followed suit in December of last year. 

Recreational cannabis use is still illegal throughout the region, but the current climate suggests it won’t be that way for much longer. In fact, New Zealand has proposed a 2020 referendum on recreational cannabis use, and most believe Australia isn’t far behind.

With increasing acceptance of cannabis use comes new, innovative ideas on marijuana consumption. The traditional method of smoking has been around for centuries, but new age methods have emerged, including edibles, creams, and vaporizers.

These innovative ideas don’t stop at methods of consumption, however, but have moved into methods of delivery. Generations all over the world were raised in environments where cannabis had to be purchased through underground, black markets. With increasing legalisation and acceptance, cannabis can now be bought in stores in areas where its recreational use is legal. In other areas such as Australia, where medical cannabis is legal, purchasing the drug requires prescriptions and other bureaucratic steps.

These purchase systems all provide some complications, no matter how minimal, that may be considered inconvenient to some customers. Hence the mail order weed concept, where users can purchase the drug with the click of a mouse.

Mail order weed src

What is mail order weed?

Mail order weed is exactly what it sounds like — order your cannabis online and have it delivered to your home, or whichever address you desire. Like any other e-commerce business, mail order weed involves online stores boasting a broad range of cannabis strains and products for customers to choose from. Click on what you want, go to your virtual shopping cart, and check out.

This method of cannabis transactions come with some problems, however, and we’ll approach those issues later.

Is it possible to buy mail order weed in Australia?

If you ask Google, perhaps you’ll be provided with several options for mail order weed in Australia. However, you’d be taking some risky steps if you proceed further.

Cannabis is still illegal for recreational use in Australia, and the medical process for obtaining the drug doesn’t involve purchasing through any mail order weed system. Therefore, proceeding with such a system would, in itself, likely prove illegal, and the fact is that the process may never even result in you receiving any product at all.

But there are mail order sites there — will I get the weed I buy?

The short and long answer is “no”. As stated, buying mail order weed in Australia is illegal. In addition, sites that do offer mail order weed are typically scams. The idea behind such sites is to happily take your order, pocket your money, and never send you anything.

It is, however, possible to buy synthetic cannabis online in Australia. Synthetic cannabis has been around Australia for a while, and are usually sold and mailed under pseudonyms, such as K2.

These synthetic products stimulate similar parts of the brain as cannabis, but really aren’t cannabis. In fact, they are quite harmful to the human body, with effects never documented among natural cannabis users. For example, several states in the United States are currently dealing with the dangerous effects of synthetic cannabis — around 76 people overdosed on the substance in Connecticut in one day.

Do they have mail order weed overseas anywhere?

Yes, mail order weed is very much alive in Canada. In fact, it is expected to become a booming sector in the Canadian cannabis market. The Canadian government has taken steps to differentiate itself from its southern neighbor — states in the United States that have legalised the drug. Delivering cannabis by mail, legally, is an alien concept to the United States; Canada, however, has embraced the idea of sending your chosen strains and products via post.

Ordering weed online. src

Australia, however, isn’t Canada. Recreational cannabis is still illegal in the country, and medical cannabis has only been around for a couple of years. Thus, no trustworthy mail order weed system exists in Australia, so don’t expect to receive anything in the mail if you do take the risk of trusting one of those websites.

What are the benefits of buying mail order weed?

Mail order weed presents benefits that are similar, if not identical, to those of any other e-commerce business.

  • Convenience: 
    Imagine browsing through a cannabis website to purchase your favorite strain or product without having to leave wherever you are, and then accepting the delivery wherever you claim to be located.
  • Variety: 
    Online stores have the ability to provide a broad selection of cannabis strains and products that a traditional store may not be able to physically display.
  • Anonymity: 
    Also, purchasing cannabis online provides a certain privacy factor that is desired by those who want to remain anonymous in their weed escapades.

When will it be possible to buy mail order weed in Australia?

First, Australia has to legalise cannabis use fully. As of right now, even the legal medical cannabis system in the country is quite complicated.

If Australia does in fact legalise cannabis fully in the coming future, then the government must decide how to implement such a law. It will be then, and only then, that the idea of mail order weed in Australia will be fully broached.

Australian marijuana map
Cannabis laws in Australia src

As for now, perhaps Canada provides a solid template for the mail order weed concept. If the Canadian system proves successful prior to Australia’s move to legalise recreational cannabis, then you can bet the mail order weed system will be seriously considered.

Final words

The current cannabis legalisation trend has resulted in some changes in the cannabis market. From innovative methods of consumption to new, e-commerce ideas for delivery. Mail order weed is a real concept, one of convenience and anonymity, and Canada is currently running off with the idea. Unfortunately though, there is no mail order weed in Australia. Whatever website you come across that offers the concept is likely a scam, set up to take your money without delivering any cannabis.

The current mail order weed climate in Australia might change soon. This will depend on if, and/or when, the country fully legalises cannabis. Then, the real conversation will begin, with several business strategies being considered for a profitable market share — e-commerce, or mail order weed, undoubtedly being a major topic of discussion.

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