Can you buy CBD oil legally in Sydney?

On October 1, 2017, the TGA changed the classification of CBD oil to a Schedule 4 drug. Drugs under Schedule 4 can be obtained legally, but only when they are prescribed by a certified doctor and bought from licensed pharmacies. CBD oil products are only legally manufactured in Sydney by licensed drug companies, and only doctors registered under the Safe Access Scheme are permitted to issue prescriptions for a particular therapeutic use.

Only a handful of people have legal access to CBD oil in Sydney. src

However, presently there are only 23 doctors registered under the Safe Access Scheme – and they are all paediatric neurologists – so it’s nearly impossible for a CBD oil prescription to be issued by these doctors for any condition other than neurological problems in children. Many Australians have therefore turned to international markets to get their hands on CBD oil. The criminal justice system has so far side-stepped issues concerning Australians importing CBD oil from overseas for personal use. To date, there have been no reports of an Australian being prosecuted for buying CBD oil online. However, that doesn’t necessarily make it legal.

Are there any places which actually sell CBD oil?

Despite the reclassification of CBD oil by the TGA being a welcome development for people suffering from ailments which can be treated by CBD, only a minute percentage of the population can gain access to CBD oil legally. With heavy regulations in place, both buyers and sellers of CBD oil must run through a gauntlet of government checks in order to be able to legally trade in CBD oil. Only a handful of big pharmacies have been licensed to sell the drug, and then only to people with prescriptions from a doctor registered under the Safe Access Scheme.

Most Australians who use CBD oil products turn to online vendors based outside the country. However, in order to increase the chance of successfully importing CBD oil into Sydney, users need to check with officials from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. It’s possible to make arrangements for the CBD oil to make it through various custom checks and actually turn up at your doorstep.

How much does CBD oil cost?

The cost of a CBD oil product varies mostly based on the quality and quantity of the CBD contents.

Given the lack of regulation in the CBD market, the quality of the product can vary widely, and it is not always possible to know exactly what is in the product. CBD oil products cost anywhere between $10 and $300, and the main factor that brings about these price differences is the quantity and quality of the active ingredient.

In order to compare the costs of different CBD oil products, you need to first of all understand the cost breakdown. Since the most important ingredient in a CBD oil bottle is the CBD content and not the carrier oil, it’s important to compare the cost of each product based on CBD contents. To determine the cost of the CBD content contained in a product, simply divide the cost of the product by the quantity of CBD oil contained in the product. For example, the cost of CBD contained in a 20ml bottle of CBD oil which costs $80 with a 5% CBD content is $80 divided by 1000mg which is $0.08 per mg.

Where in the world can you buy CBD Oil legally?

Unlike cannabis, CBD oil can be obtained legally in a several countries. It is available in countries that have legalised medical and recreational cannabis, including Canada, Uruguay, and the Netherlands. It can also be obtained legally in countries that have legalised medical marijuana, including Australia, Chile, Finland, Cyprus, Israel, Norway and Italy.

In the United States, 33 states have so far embraced the legalisation of medical cannabis, but CBD oil is still considered illegal by the Drug law Enforcement Agency, even though the Food and Drugs administration has approved it for the treatment of epilepsy. In Georgia and South Africa, court rulings have decriminalised the use of marijuana for medical and personal use. CBD oil can be obtained without prosecution in many other countries where cannabis laws are loose, including Germany, Spain, Brazil and Russia.

When does CBD help people who use it?

CBD oil has become wildly popular due to its effectiveness in treating patients who are unresponsive to Western medicine. It’s currently used by cancer patients to mitigate cancer symptoms. It’s also used to enhance brain functions in people suffering from various neurological diseases. Research into CBD oil is still in relatively early stages but there have been extremely promising studies showing many potential benefits to using CBD oil to treat a range of illnesses and symptoms.

Obtaining CBD oil in Sydney is possible, but complicated. It is likely that as acceptance of cannabis products grows, so too will the access to cannabis-derived products. Until then, it will be up to consumers to decide what steps they are willing to take to obtain CBD oil products.

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