Australian Weed Maps

Cannabis maps show the legislative status of marijuana nationwide

A cannabis map shows the locations where marijuana production, processing, sales and possession are legal. Cannabis maps serve as an excellent tool to assist the government, political parties, industry analysts and users to differentiate locations where cannabis is legal or decriminalised from the locations where marijuana is illegal or criminalised.

How do cannabis maps work?

Cannabis map give details on the legal status of the drug. Alternatively, it can provide information or serve as a tool to locate marijuana brands, dispensaries, delivery services and medical marijuana doctors at any desired location. You can get necessary information about a marijuana dispensary, such as opening hours, logo, “about us”, and whether the product they produce is recreational or medical. These maps give Google Maps directions to cannabis storefronts.

Some cannabis maps even let you order online at participating, licensed retailers. It is easier for customers to order their desired cannabis products with safe payment and fast checkout.

Who keeps cannabis maps?

Weed maps are a software tool that allows Australian police and federal police to track the legislative status of marijuana across Australia. Users can check proposed legislative changes and see the latest news in the industry.

Marijuana consumers can use these maps to find the information about cannabis brands, delivery services, deals, dispensary storefronts and medical cannabis doctors near their location. It can be used by cannabis producers, marijuana product manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, consumers and everyone involved in the industry.

Informational cannabis maps are often used by federal and local police, travelers who are traveling for cannabis purpose and local people. These maps show the laws surrounding marijuana in various states and territories.

Australian marijuana map
Marijuana legal states in Australia. src

The legislative status of marijuana can be one of the following:

  • Legal for medical use
  • Fully legalised
  • CBD only
  • Legalised but criminalised
  • Legalised but decriminalised
  • No legal program, etc.

Maps show these statuses using different colours. You can zoom in and out of these maps to have a closer and more informative look at the situation surrounding marijuana in a particular state or territory.

Cannabis is legal in Australia, but only for medicinal purposes. Victoria was the first Australian state to give the green light to medicinal cannabis legalisation. Most other states and territories, including North South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and the Northern Territory, quickly followed.

After the legalisation of medical cannabis, Australian patients can now theoretically use cannabis if they are suffering from a relevant medical condition. The Department of Health issued a clinical guidance document that lists all medical conditions for which cannabis use is legalised. Only registered Medical Practitioners can prescribe medical cannabis.

However, recreational cannabis use is still illegal in Australia. The import and export of marijuana is also illegal and carries federal penalties. It can lead to life imprisonment for cases involving the import or export of commercial quantities – 100 kg and above for marijuana, 50 kg and above for cannabis resin and two kg for cannabinoids. Lesser penalties are imposed for carrying cannabis below commercial quantities. Federal offences also include commercial cannabis cultivation, domestic trafficking, and possession. However, cannabis offences are largely dealt with under state and territory legislation.

On 24 February 2016, the Australian government amended the Narcotic Drugs Act and legalised the growing of cannabis for scientific and medicinal purposes. However, it is still illegal to grow marijuana in your garden in Australia.

Cannabis maps around the world

There are cannabis maps in countries that have legalised cannabis possession. For instance, is an informative map covering cannabis laws and its history. It helps police and travelers as well as locals to better understand cannabis law in any jurisdiction. is a tool that helps businesses and consumers search and discover cannabis products, learn about cannabis, check the legislative status of marijuana in various jurisdictions and connect with other marijuana users. Business can list their products and services on this tool for free.

These maps are a very helpful tool for anyone interested in cannabis such as police, consumers, and businesses. Overall, cannabis maps give you all the required information about cannabis in any region in the world.

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