Medical cannabis is legal for consumption in Brisbane

It’s been more than two years now since Australia passed the bill enabling the legalization of Cannabis at the Federal level, for medicinal use. Brisbane shares the same laws as every other town in Queensland, and, indeed across Australia. Even now, you do not have the right to light up a joint in the sunshine (state) and puff it everywhere.

On the medical side, prescriptions for Cannabis are still relatively rare to find in Brisbane. Also, when prescribed, Cannabis tends to be provided in a form which is different to the Cannabis they’re used to. Simply put, many people expect, when told they need Cannabis in the treatment of a medical condition they have, that they will get it in a form they can smoke. That is almost never the case. Drugs like Satifex take some of the CBD come in the same white pill form that you’d use to consume Aspirin, for example.

As a result, those who want to buy Cannabis in Brisbane, even now, tend to buy it on the Black Market. Those individuals are still liable to getting punished – under the law, of course – should they be found in the possession of this drug in Brisbane.

That being said, it is not impossible to obtain the substance in Brisbane. The state has some ingenious inhabitants. There is at least one example of one Queenslander who fitted his apartment out with sophisticated apparatus in order to grow up to 500 grammes of Cannabis. He was caught by the police.

This piece aims to inform readers on everything they might need to know about buying Cannabis in the Brisbane region.

Note : This article is not a substitute for an in depth understanding your local laws. It is thus advisable that you check with the prevalent laws when deciding on your marijuana usage, based on this piece.

Can you buy Cannabis in Brisbane?

The simple answer to this is yes.

In QLD, if you are found with up to 50 grams of Cannabis (that’s quite a lot!) then you will be put through the ‘diversion’ process. A diversion is an intervention performed in the court system but which prevents a criminal conviction. Instead, the person who had the Cannabis is sent through a reform and re-education process.

Queensland is the only state which mandates this sort of intervention. In fact, the legislation is far more strict in other areas of Australia. In Tasmania, being in possession of the same amount can get the person 3-10 years in prison! It’s just one example of Australia’s poorly considered drug legislation.

Cannabis producers say there is a great deal of demand in the Brisbane system. One producer of CBD oil, one of the main ways Cannabis is provided to children with epilepsy who operates from the Sunshine Coast, just an hour or so outside Brisbane says she gets 3-5 calls per day from people trying to obtain the drug in some form. Interestingly the number of calls she receives increases dramatically.

Queensland made the decision to legalize Cannabis in October 2016. Under the provisions of legalizations, though, are some clauses which state that the drug would only be allowed for medicinal use.

This legalization was aimed at reducing the rate of illegal importing and exporting of the substance. Thus, locals were allowed to grow, manage and distribute cannabis in the state under the medical marijuana provisions – i.e. if they have all the appropriate paperwork in place.

Likewise, users who do not have a medical pass to use cannabis are liable to facing up to 20 years in prison, if they are found dealing  drug depending on how much of the substance they were caught with.

It is also worth mentioning that even individuals with medical support to use cannabis can still err with the law. Should such persons be found to be using the drug beyond their prescriptions, that constitutes illegal usage too.

Cost of Cannabis in Brisbane

It may be the sunshine, it might be the close, lush rainforest which lends locals to growing their own pot, but Brisbane is one of the places in Queensland where high quality marijuana sells for a fair price.

High-quality weed is goes, on average of $330 per ounce, Brisbane residents can pay a little less, able to snag up the same amount for as low as $200.

For now, pricing of Cannabis made for medical use looks set to stay about the same in Brisbane. The stocks which are being grown are currently being turned in to drugs derived from Cannabis rather than the leaves and bud of the plant.

The stock for recreational use usually comes from back yard moonshine operations in which people have one or two plants on their property. This is especially common in rural areas of Queensland – I have smelt it as I’ve driven around. The lower pricing of cannabis can be attributed to a more favorable climate for the growing, sales and distribution of the substance in these areas. As always, the forces of demand and supply will also be at play in determining what price bracket you could get it for in your locale.

Stay away from synthetic weed

If you will be buying your weed from Brisbane, it is good advice to stay away from the synthetic stuff. Synthetic weed might bring all the THC equivalence that come with the real stuff, but they can also be accompanied by some serious side effects. These could range from agitation, vomiting, paranoia and tremors to more serious cases like chest pain, stroke, kidney failure, brain damage or worse, death.

It is thus little wonder why even one of the developers of the synthetic form of marijuana called those who used it to ‘idiots.’ If you must use marijuana at all, go for the real stuff.

Published by Neil

Neil believes Cannabis has medical benefits and should be prescribed by a Doctor. This site aims to provide accurate information on the science and legality of Cannabis so you can make informed decisions.

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