Cannabis delivered in Australia

Can you get Cannabis delivered in Australia?

After the federal legalization of cannabis for Medical use in Australia some two years ago, little progress has been made on legitimizing other uses of the drug. One of the things that became evident very fast, was the fact that, despite the change in National Australian legislation as concerns medical use, individual States still had the power to decide what happens about the drug in their jurisdiction on the recreational side.

Note: This article does not, in any way, act as a substitution for your personal understanding of the Cannabis regulations in your State. We advise that you work with this information while being armed with a thorough understanding of cannabis laws in your community.

Given that Cannabis IS legal for Australians to use for medical reasons, is it possible to get medical marijuana delivered to your doorsteps in this country?

As of the time of this writing, we can tell you that the answer to that is a clear ‘no’. (At least in Australia, see below for details of a Canadian and US version of this service.)

There are no Cannabis delivery services available online for Australian citizens, whether they require medical or recreational cannabis.

If you have contacts, of course, in the Black Market, getting Cannabis delivered to your home can be as simple as a text message. Knowing the right people means a quick message performs the same function as the Deliveroo app and, for some, dealers will even drop the drug off at the requestor’s house.

Our advice is to steer clear of drug dealers. In Australia – depending on the local state laws – an offending individual caught with a substantial amount of marijuana could be sentenced to as much as 20 years in prison.

With illegal Cannabis, you also run the risk of being exposed to products you don’t fully understand. Illegal Cannabis can have been bred to have very high THC levels and the product you receive could be laced with substances which have nothing to do with Cannabis.

Online Cannabis sales and online cannabis delivery in other markets

The Canadian regulatory frameworks being erected around the legalization of recreational marijuana may become important as a precursor to Australian law, if and when we decide to follow in their footsteps in legalizing recreational Cannabis.

It’s possible that Australia could look to Canada for advice, for example, on the legal structures that they are still being put in place to ensure every Cannabis transaction is done legally, now that recreational Cannabis is legal there.

So, do they allow online sales and home delivery of Cannabis in Canada? Well, in some states, (for example, Ontario) not only is Cannabis going to be available for residents when they’re online – it will ONLY be available online.

Canada’s online sales of Cannabis presents some potential security questions for its citizens. US Law Enforcement bodies operating on the line of the Canadian / US border now routinely ask Canadian visitors whether they have smoked Cannabis or work in the industry. The answer you give is meaningful. If US Border forces find you have been lying to them or any evidence that you are involved in the industry as a consumer or producer of Cannabis, they may ban you from entering the US ever again. Every online transaction is logged in Canada. If that information ever finds its way to the Federal border guards, it could lead to a lot of Canadians being banned.

The United States has a company called ‘Eaze’ which will deliver Cannabis to users homes, although the US States they operate in are currently constrained and limited to the States in which Cannabis is legal.

Eaze have an easy to use app which operates with much the same interface you would find if you called an Uber. Ingeniously, Eaze have added an Artificial Intelligence (AI) aspect to their service which anticipates what the next customer is going to want and helps the driver get there more quickly. Eaze have already performed more than 2 million deliveries in the US.

Benefits of getting Cannabis delivered to your home

Being able to pick from a variety of strains and products from an online cannabis store is a very interesting and useful idea. You might be surprised at the range of products and types / strains of Cannabis which are available in online marijuana stores.

There are some clear reasons it makes sense to have Cannabis delivered to your home.

  • Easier:
    Ordering online is more convenient for many people these days. And that doesn’t mean just for Cannabis. A proportion of all transactions are now done online. The experience of ordering Cannabis is so much easier with apps and online delivery. The evidence shows that the ability to order drugs online makes it more likely that more people will be prepared to experiment with the drugs.
  • Cheaper:
    The major alternative to legal Cannabis is illegal Cannabis. The research shows that people will even pay a small premium for legal weed, over illegal alternatives, in order to salve their conscience and avoid potential run ins with the law. Digital businesses and online retailers of Cannabis have lower overheads – specifically, they avoid a lot of the costs other businesses face by avoiding the need for a lot of staff and a high street presence. As a result, online Cannabis businesses can offer their product more cheaply and provide a better alternative to illegal Cannabis.
  • Anonymous:
    There are still some brand challenges to address when it comes to Cannabis. Online deliveries are discrete and avoid the need for anyone to do anything public that they think might cause others to judge them negatively.
  • It’s easier to regulate this way:
    As experience in Canada has shown, regulating and overseeing a legitimized Cannabis industry is much easier to get going and maintain than the alternative – setting up a lot of smaller retail outlets. It was this logistical difficulty which caused Canada to start out with online sales in some States.

The risks of synthetic cannabis bought online in Australia

Synthetic Cannabis deserves its own special section. True, in theory, Synthetic Cannabis does appear to be one way you can get Cannabis delivered in Australia. In some cases, it may not even be illegal to have it delivered to you in this way.

The law, as it stands, makes it hard for authorities to keep up with the constantly changing nature of the chemicals which are shipped in to Australia. Clever Chemists use this fact to their own advantage to produce synthetic versions of Cannabis which are not strictly illegal. The constantly changing mix of Chemicals is hard to legislate against.

As a result, many authorities believe that Synthetic Cannabis is one of the most risky substances that citizens can smoke/consume. Users report about the nausea, vomiting, increased heart rates, kidney-related diseases and, in some cases (and this is not a joke) bleeding from the eyes when synthetic Cannabis has been taken.

Some people get ‘scammed’ into buying synthetic weed instead of the real stuff.  Others opt for this type of weed themselves, perhaps not being fully understanding some of the risks they are taking .by doing so.

For now, Cannabis delivery is a pipe dream for the regular consumer in Australia

Cannabis is illegal in Australia for recreational use.

Having Cannabis delivered to your doorstep in Australia is not something that looks likely to happen in the next couple of years.

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Neil believes Cannabis has medical benefits and should be prescribed by a Doctor. This site aims to provide accurate information on the science and legality of Cannabis so you can make informed decisions.

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