Why We Might Want To Ask Some Serious Questions About The Way Cannabis Is Being Commercialized

A Synopsys of Ben Cort’s Ted Talk

The purpose of this site, Cannabis Express, is to provide accurate information, expressing both the pros and cons of legalization.

In this interesting and though provoking TED talk, Ben Cort, a self described ‘ex-drug addict’ explores some facts, related to the progress which has been made on legalization.

Ted Talk at TedX MileHigh

FACT: Ben Cort’s primary concern is in exposing information that isn’t often part of the debate but which he considers relevant. It’s perfect for our site.

Please take some time to watch the video.

  • We should have some concerns about the ways in which cannabis is being commercialized:
    It’s largely rich white men making money from the commercialization of cannabis. Some statistics indicate that they might be following paths created by alcohol and tobacco, potentially exploiting the 20% of users (importantly, problem users) who consume 80% of the drug.
  • Cannabis is (no longer) ‘natural’ in the forms it’s sold:
    Chemists and commercial interests have raised the levels of THC in Cannabis from around 1% to as much as 30% in the last 2 generations. Cannabis is now grown almost exclusively indoors, under lights. The process involves the use of fertilizers which may be harmful to human health when applied.
  • The reality of what’s happening, with cannabis commercialization, is different to what we think:
    Public sentiment about fixing social ills by legalization is being coopted by cannabis companies simply to sell a new product.
  • Poor people are being exploited:
    You’re more likely to buy and use cannabis for recreational purposes if you’re poor, than if you’re rich.
  • Some social groups are experiencing negative effects from legalization:
    Despite the news headlines, and while it is true to say that there has been an 8% decrease in the apprehension of white people in Colorado, for Cannabis relates crimes, the same is not true for other ethnic groups. Arrests of Latino people have risen 29% and there has been a 58% increase in arrests of African Americans. Similar trends are evident in school suspensions examined over the same period.
  • LGBIQ community members are also at risk:
    LGBIQ community members are more likely to use Cannabis and also more likely to suffer mental illness. Overlapping Cannabis use with mental health concerns is not a good thing.

Summing up

FACT: Ben’s person fight with addiction makes this a compelling video and his points are fair. Give it a watch – it’s highly recommended.

Published by Neil

Neil believes Cannabis has medical benefits and should be prescribed by a Doctor. This site aims to provide accurate information on the science and legality of Cannabis so you can make informed decisions.

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