The U.K. legalizes Medical Marijuana

Medical cannabis wins in the UK

London, July 2018: The use of marijuana for both recreational and medical purposes is a subject that has received a lot of attention, in a number of different countries around the world, in recent months and years.

Governments that, until now, had taken a fairly hard stance on their subjects’ use of the drug,  appear to be beginning to warm up to the idea. Progress towards this goal is most evident in the number of US states and sovereign countries legalizing cannabis for one reason or another – typically starting with Medical marijuana and subsequently, legalising the drug for recreational purposes.

The UK is a great example. It is now one of the most recent countries to get on the cannabis bandwagon. The news was recently announced by the UK Home Secretary, Sajid Javid that the UK had legalised medical cannabis. It appears that UK residents could not be more excited about the result.

The UK Legalised Medical Cannabis In Response To a High Profile Case

The legalization of Medical Cannabis did not materialize without some conflict.

The UK found itself in a position similar to those faced by most countries. Then, there was an incident raised by the Press, in which a 12-year-old boy suffering from severe epilepsy, was denied access to cannabis oil they obtained (through the boy’s mother) in Canada.

Cannabis oil has been known to reduce the chances of seizures for patients suffering from epilepsy. Understandably, at least from my point of view, when the boy’s mother returned to the UK and was denied a facility to use the drug in the UK, she protested, publicly in order to encourage a change in the law.  

FACT: Cannabis oil has been known to reduce the chances of seizures for patients suffering from epilepsy.


The incident, covered in detail by the news media, attracted a great deal of attention from the public, prompting some people to rethink their position on the matter.

The countrywide discussion drew the attention of the relevant authorities who began to look into the matter.

Sober consideration by the usual agencies – Health, Law Enforcement, Border Control and politicians revealed that, apart from recreational uses, cannabis, when used appropriately, and for medical reasons in the right situation, provides valuable medicinal use as well. First among these important usage is the use of Cannabis oil in the reduction of seizures for the epileptic boy.

The benefits are not limited to that circumstance, however. Some medical authorities around the world also recommend Cannabis for the reduction of chronic pain and nausea, especially for cancer patients.

Public outcry, led by the indignant mother prompted the Minister to draft legislative proposals to legalize the drug.

Medical Marijuana is Now Available For Restricted use

Although there were valiant efforts to support the legalization of marijuana, the government was still mindful of the effects they’re likely to see, if the use of cannabis goes unchecked in the country.

As a result, they decided to instigate measures that would manage the use of Cannabis, through the partial legalization.

In the UK, from now on, people who do not have a prescription from a qualified medical practitioner will not be able to purchase marijuana legally. For now, Cannabis will be solely used by people with medical conditions that can be alleviated by using cannabis.

Any recreational use of Cannabis is still strictly prohibited in the country.

FACT: In the UK, from now on, people who do not have a prescription from a qualified medical practitioner will not be able to purchase marijuana legally.

Economic Implications

The legalization of cannabis in any country does not come without economic implications.

When freely available, the product will be recognized as just another domestically produced commodity. Proceeds from it’s sale will be eligible for taxation.

Consideration of the economic impact of legalisation, even of just Medicinal strains, in other jurisdictions shows a small net benefit to government coffers arising as a result .

The UK Government will also be in a position, post the legislative change, to cut back on funding currently allocated towards the Police and Court systems and reuse the money, perhaps more beneficially. Cannabis-related incidences take up a lot of valuable police time, simply because cannabis it is one of the most used drugs.  


The use of cannabis for medical reasons is becoming widely accepted in different parts of the world.

The UK had been opposed to the consumption of cannabis for a long time, but an air tight case presented by an epileptic patient coupled with a nationwide discussion about their laws regarding the use of cannabis forced the Government to rethink their position.

The medical benefits of using cannabis are quite clear, and more medical applications are being discovered every day, with research being easier than it was, thanks to legalisation.

The recreational use of cannabis is also being widely advocated for in the UK, off the back of the Medical Marijuana changes. Some speculate that the Government is likely to cave sooner or later on this issue too.

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