Using Cannabis to Fight Depression

Mixed reports on cannabis’ effects on depression

Depression is a mental condition that is becoming more common than people care to admit. The fact that it is not a physical ailment has discouraged a lot of people from seeking professional help. Most people have tried to devise various techniques of coping with the condition. One of these techniques is the use of marijuana. Although some people have been able to gain some relief from the usage, some have reported that the relief they had was very short lived. The following is an analysis of the actual effect of using cannabis for depression, taking various medical perspectives into account.

Medical Benefits of Cannabis

Over the years, cannabis has been used to provide relief for various ailments. It is most commonly used by cancer patients to get relief for persistent pain, nausea and lack of appetite. It has also been used to alleviate severe weight loss amongst HIV/AIDS patients as well as providing comfort for people with various sleep disorders. In some cases, it has also been used to treat anxiety.

FACT: Most people who are suffering from depression have turned to cannabis for relief.

Clinical Research

Over the years, medical practitioners have made valiant efforts to seek a cure for the condition, but are yet to make a breakthrough. So far, they have only been able to come up with methods of managing the condition. There is no definitive cure for depression. The antidepressants often prescribed to depressed patients aim to create a balance of the endocannabinoid levels in the body.

SCIENCE: Endocannabinoids are naturally occurring hormones in the brain that influence the mood of a person at any given time. Low endocannabinoid levels may result in depression.

Endocannabinoids are naturally occurring hormones in the brain that influence the mood of a person at any given time. Low endocannabinoid levels may result in depression, therefore antidepressants are given to increase their levels. This helps alleviate depression to a certain degree and to change the mood of the patient.

The elements contained in cannabis act on these hormones and in most cases they have been sufficient to increase them creating a feeling of euphoria. Although this may be sufficient to give relief for depressed patients, the use of cannabis has its own separate side effects that need to be taken into account.

Implications of Using Cannabis for Depression

The use of cannabis to fight depression is not recommended by medical professionals. Cannabis has been closely linked to various mental illnesses such as psychosis and schizophrenia. According to medical trials, the use of cannabis has been known to trigger the onset of psychosis and schizophrenia especially in people who have a history of mental illness. For this reason, most people are strongly advised against using it for that purpose.

Another issue that most people have had to grapple with is the dosage. It has been discovered that the use of cannabis to fight depression has been successful for some people when consumed at specific dosages. However, it has been difficult to accurately quantify what a recommended dose is for different people. This is because there are many different strains of cannabis which contain different amounts of CBD and THC.

 Different people also react differently to the consumption of the drug making it impossible to come up with the specific amount one should take. The method of consumption also plays a major role in determining the amount being consumed. The dosage of a person who has consumed a specific amount through smoking will be different from one that has consumed it through edibles.

Lastly, the consumption of cannabis has also been known to cause anxiety and paranoia in some cases, especially if there are high levels of THC. This may be counterproductive because one will simply be altering one undesirable mental state for another.

Bottom Line

The use of cannabis to fight depression is a subject that is still being studied and discussed in medical circles. Although it has successfully been used to alleviate the symptoms and effects of various illnesses, its application for the treatment of depression is yet to be fully developed. It would be recommended to seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner before using it to manage the condition.

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