Low THC Cannabis – What is it and what can it be used for?

What is Low CBD Cannabidiol?

Cannabis contains literally hundreds of compounds. The two key compounds found in marijuana are CBD and THC.

  • THC or ‘Tetrahydrocannabinols’: 
    THC is the psychoactive version of cannabis. Psychoactive drugs (also known as psychopharmaceutic or psychotropic drugs) are those which change the way you think and feel, and potentially the way you behave. In essence, they affect your mental state. THC is what gives cannabis it’s mind altering effects, it’s what give users a ‘high’ and are the reason it’s bought for recreational use.When the police stop you and ask you to do a drug test to see if you were driving impaired (link to Australian roadside drug test article) they’re testing for THC, not CBD. Other examples of psychoactive drugs are alcohol and heroin.
  • CBD: 
    Is a non psychoactive drug (also known as ‘inert’) with medicinal qualities. For example, CBD contributes to the reduction of Some of the most interesting results that Doctors are getting, using CBD, are in children with seizures.CBD can be obtained from legal hemp plants(which do not contain THC) and is also part of the trove of drugs available in areas of the world where cannabis has been legalized on medical grounds.

THC and CBD interact and, to a degree offset each other in useful ways. Too much THC can cause users to feel nervous, anxious and paranoid. Whether users are overly sensitive to THC or they’ve just taken too much, the results can lead to negative effects on your mood. CBD can reduce some of these effects and ameliorate the negative effects those users are experiencing from THC.

Only 60 of the hundreds of compounds found in cannabis are unique to cannabis. Together these are called ‘Cannabidiols’ and CBD is one of them. Not enough is yet known about CBD but the research which has been done suggests it could be useful.

CBD is classified as a Schedule 4 drug’ under currentAustralian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Act) legislation –which means that, to get some in this country, it has to be prescribed by a medical professional, either in by a doctor or in a Pharmacy.

Doctors wishing to prescribe it must be licensed under the TPA for its particular use. In practice, that means it’s very hard for people to get hold of.

FACT: There are less than 25 doctors licensed to prescribe CBD in Australia, as of mid 2018.

All but two of those doctors are registered in NSW. They tend to be doctors with expertise in childhood neurological disorders.

How is CBD delivered(provided) to people?

  • Capsules: 
  • It can be ingested in capsule form or in an orally consumed (droplets, often dropped below the tongue) oil.
  • Skin oils: 
    Users can also apply CBD directly to areas, for example, which are suffering from pain.
  • More ways of delivering it are coming online every day:
    A growing array of CBD based products are also in the development process. CBD based chocolate, designed and manufactured in Switzerland is one example.

Why should users be careful when using CBD

  • Strengths may vary:
    It’s not treated as a medicine so the strength of what you get may vary.
  • There is currently little peer reviewed science behind it: 
    Only on animals and small, short term human research.
  • It’s illegal unless prescribed:
    In Australia, the drug is still illegal when not prescribed or provided by a medical professional and users can be arrested for it.

Bringing it all together

Now the cuffs are off, more detailed research is taking place to determine whether, for example, those suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can benefit from the drug, whether it assists in being a substitute for alcohol in patients abusing drink and whether it can help in reducing recidivism in people suffering from opioid abuse

FACT: Cannabis is a safe drug but the use of any psychoactive drug can cause harm. For those who must take it, to assist with medical requirements, CBD clearly helps.

Published by Neil

Neil believes Cannabis has medical benefits and should be prescribed by a Doctor. This site aims to provide accurate information on the science and legality of Cannabis so you can make informed decisions.

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