Australia legislation right for legal recreational cannabis

Cannabis and its historic uses

Foremost it is important to distinguish between recreational cannabis and medical cannabis. Recreational cannabiscan be said to be cannabis that is used to get high, and it is more often illegal. This kind of cannabis usually tends to have more THC, because this is the psychoactive compound responsible for the euphoric high usually experienced. Recreational use of cannabis dates back thousands of years in the Arabic and Spanish societies. On the flip side, medical marijuana is used by patients with a prescription, and it is legal in many jurisdictions. Medical marijuana often contains more CBD, because this cannabinoid is often therapeutic. Medical marijuana was the first use of the cannabis plant and first records of its use being in pre-historic China before it spread to the rest of asia.

FACT: The current anti-narcotic legal regime in Australia classifies Cannabis as an illegal drug. This is set out in the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act of 1985.

A replica of the same legal measures is seen in the Commonwealth Criminal Code to which Australia is subject. Further, Australia has ratified international statutes like the convention on psychotropic substances 1971, the Single Convention on Narcotic drugs 1961 and the United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances 1988 which make it fortified against the use, growth and trafficking of drugs among them Cannabis.

However it is important to note that in recent years, there has been a preference in the use of marijuana in the country despite the laws that are in place. Highlighted is the fact that most of these arrests made (87%) were consumer arrests while the rest (13%) were of a provider category. This may be attributed to recent legalization of recreational marijuana by other countries in the world for instance Uruguay. Further in, shown are the benefits economic, that may come as a package as to legalization of recreational Cannabis. From the plant, oil can be processed for cosmetic purposes, while the plant can be useful in the generation of quality pulp to serve the paper industry among other needs.

The increase in the use of the drug for recreational purposes might have been further propelled by the researches that have been carried over time beating previous facts that cannabis use leads to brain damage among other health implications. These however do not put to rest fact that indeed the use of marijuana could have implications to the right function of the body and mind. Therefore it can be said that marijuana to an extent can be dangerous. Since it impairs judgement probably operation of machinery and other high risk activities simply cannot be done under the influence.

For the state to put in place appropriate laws to control effectively the use and distribution of recreational Cannabis, there has to be put in one place the dangers that are apparent as a result of the recreational use of the drug and on the other measures that can be put in place in a legal context to ensure that the dangers are mitigated appropriately.

The perils that could be associated with the legalization of recreational cannabis are several. First as mentioned earlier is the operation of machinery, driving and performance of other high risk tasks under the influence of cannabis. Secondly is the overconsumption of the drug by consumers which could have an implication on their health. More dangers can be seen in the irregular production and distribution of recreational cannabis. Further, dangers can arise as to the persons who can legitimately be allowed to use or consume cannabis for recreational purposes. Also to be analyzed is the effects it can have on non-users and as such they have to be taken into consideration in the regulation of its use.

The fixes in law that Australia can undertake is, make it illegal for persons to be under the influence of recreational cannabis while taking onmachine performed tasks as well as drive. The legislative arm should have this put firmly in law and effectuate an eventual arrest and prosecution of offenders. Second like in alcohol bottles labelling of the chemical content should be made important. This can serve as a guide to address over indulgence which can prove costly. However this task should be undertaken by a licensed regulator to see to it that the set standards are user friendly. Also products should undergo tests to ensure that what is put out there for consumers is free of contamination and safe for use.

The legislation to be put forth by Australia should be seen to put to task producers to meet set standards that will ensure a quality product is brought to the market. These standards could range from storage, packaging and transportation. Like in alcohol there should be a set age limits as to those who qualify to use and distribute recreational marijuana to protect minors from arising implications. Put in a social context, cannabis use could have effects on other members of the public who are non-users of the same. The legislation can prove helpful by providing for smoking zones for recreational marijuana in regular distances to serve users while protecting non-users.

FACT: Establishment of an entity to regulate and control the price of the drug is vital

Since high prices of the legal drug could mean that the illegal market still thrives as a counter mechanism. The government on the other hand will obviously find another taxation avenue in the newly legalized industry. Legislation that is put in place should see to it that that the tax burden put on the in the industry from the producers, distributors all the way to the consumers is considerate. This will ensure that consumers will still see sense in the use of legal recreational cannabis compared to the illegal product. Otherwise high tax will have an adverse effect on the prices which means users will prefer their previous ways and the menace may not have been solved at all.

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