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THC vs CBD: Cannabis’ different effects

Marijuana is to the name of a plant in the genus Cannabis. It contains over one hundred cannabinoids, the chemicals which give them their recreational and medical properties. Two of the most studied of these cannabinoids are the cannabidiols or CBDs and the phytocannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Cannabinoids have various effects to users because of the presence of cannabinoid receptors throughout the human body.

SCIENCE: CBDs can treat various medical problems including severe pain and serious epileptic seizures.

According to research, CBDs can treat various medical problems including severe pain and serious epileptic seizures.  On the other hand, THC is the chemical that causes the “high” feeling and psychoactive effects of cannabis. THC is the reason why marijuana is considered a dangerous drug. Aside from a sense of euphoria, THC impairs judgment and slows the body’s responses to stimulus.

Recreational cannabis is consumed by smoking or through cannabis-infused food. Many recreational users of the plant also call it weed or pot. Australia legalized medicinal cannabis, at the federal level, for medicinal use in 2016.  Any non-medical use is still illegal. 

Cannabis is currently legal when used for medical purposes in Australia. A bill will be introduced to legalise in Canberra for recreational purposes in February 2019

FACT: 35% of Australian adults believe cannabis should be legalized for recreational use.

Yes, Cannabis is legal for medicinal use in Adelaide. Non-medical uses, possession, growing or selling cannabis is illegal in Adelaide, and indeed the whole of Australia. However, the penalties for cannabis-related offences vary in each territory and state.

FACT: SA was the first state to decriminalize “simple” or “minor” cannabis offences, and it did so in 1987.

In Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia (SA), ‘simple” cannabis offences are decriminalized. Offenders, caught with only small amounts of the drug will receive a warning or a civil penalty. (Usually a small dollar fine) SA was the first state to decriminalise “simple” or “minor” cannabis offences, and it did so in 1987.

The following are some “simple” cannabis offenses in Adelaide:

  • Possessing up to 100 grams of cannabis, or 20 grams of cannabis resin
  • Smoking cannabis in private,
  • Possessing the equipment required to grow and use cannabis (often described as ‘paraphernalia’ and
  • Growing not more than one marijuana plant on your property

When a person is caught committing a ‘simple” cannabis offence, in Adelaide and other areas of SA, the police officer or law enforcer who establishes the infringement, has the discretion, after investigation, to issue aCannabis Expiration Notice. Such a notice means that the offender is required to pay a fine on the spot or within 60 days. By paying the fine, an individual avoids criminal prosecution in court.

FACT: Others cannabis events include The International Conference On Cannabis which takes place in Sydney, again, on the 15th and 16th of November this year. and The Hemp Health and Innovation Symposium in Melbourne on the 8th and 9th of December.

Rumors on where you can buy cannabis in Adelaide

There are always rumors as to where you can buy cannabis in any city. They usually say it’s easy to get cannabis at such and such a place in Adelaide. However, it’s risky to follow those rumors, because cannabis is still a highly regulated drug in this country. Despite, for example, having been legalized for medicinal purposes, its supply is highly controlled by a number of official bodies, including Doctors, and patients can only buy from approved suppliers.

Specifically, patients prescribed with medicinal cannabis can obtain their prescribed drugs following the “patient access pathway.” This route was developed based on consultations with medical professionals, health-related consumer groups, organizations of healthcare practitioners and industry players.

You shouldn’t try to grow buy or use cannabis for recreational use, at the moment, in any Australian city, including Adelaide.

What are the costs of Cannabis in Adelaide?

The costs of non-medicinal cannabis in Adelaide vary significantly depending on who you’re buying from and when you’re buying it. Since it’s not legally traded, some say it (the price of a gram of cannabis) depends on the dealer you know.

FACT: You could be in big trouble if you try to save money by growing the plant yourself even for medicinal purposes.

Some patients prescribed with medicinal cannabis say it’s not affordable when purchased legally. So far, legalization has not reduced the price of medicinal cannabis.

Can you buy cannabis online in Adelaide?

There are websites which offer medicinal or recreational marijuana for sale in Australia. It’s most likely that these are scams. You can see that yourself, based on the complaints in the reviews section of those sites. Common sense dictates that the transaction is illegal so providing credit card details or payment of any sort to one of these sites, is just a bad idea.  It’s a risk to provide your identity and address on the internet, let alone in purchasing Cannabis. This is especially if the quantity you’re buying is more than what is considered “simple” cannabis offence.

Online purchase of medicinal cannabis is not allowed unless it is a personal importation approved through the traveller’s exemption process by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Through the TGA’s personal importation scheme, an individual prescribed with medicinal cannabis that is not available in Australia, can seek approval to receive the drug from a supplier overseas or sent by a family member/friend.  The quantity that will be approved will only be for personal or immediate family’s use and not for sale to other people.

Summing up the Cannabis situation in Adelaide

Your ability to buy cannabis in Adelaide is subject to the same high levels of regulation that any Schedule 1 drug is, even for those with valid medical prescriptions.

Prices aren’t going to go down any time soon. The additional cost of legal medicinal cannabis will see to that. Australia is performing tests on medicinal Cannabis to ensure they are safe for extended use and that has to be paid for somehow. The medical tests are also necessary to ensure that the drug contains the right type and amount of cannabinoids for the intended use knowledge you won’t have if you buy potentially tainted Cannabis on the black market.

To ensure that medicinal cannabis users in Adelaide have access to effective and safe drugs, the South Australian Government has developed the patient access pathway to guide them.

In short, if you want to buy Cannabis in Adelaide, make sure you have a prescription and the right to do so.

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Neil believes Cannabis has medical benefits and should be prescribed by a Doctor. This site aims to provide accurate information on the science and legality of Cannabis so you can make informed decisions.

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